Choose West Bengal As Your Honeymoon Destination.

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West Bengal is also called mini India. This State is famous due to the beauty of it. From the sea to the hill station, everything is present in the State. Due to the beauty of the State, most of the honeymoon couples also visit the State. There is a lot of amusement here, which is enough to attract the minds of young couples. The beauty of the State probably attracts most young couples who visit this place to do a honeymoon. There is more than one reason for which you can choose West Bengal as your honeymoon destination.

Why Choose West Bengal?

Westbengal is an exotic place filled with the fresh air of the sea, hill station, and many more. There is more than one hill station is present that makes the home more attractive. Here, you walk through the beachside to make your spouse happy; here, you can take the essence of doors and feel the green inside your soul. It is one of the best places for the Honeymoon as it provides most of the amusements towards the young honeymoon couples. The beauty of the rainforest will help you to receive and exotic feelings of frost inside your heart. However, besides forest and sea beaches, the Westbengal also contains more than one place that can attract you and your spouse.


one of the best and booming tourist spot in West Bengal, Siliguri is a small town with a lot of modernization taking place for the past few years. Being a beautiful destination, it serves as an essential and sensitive city in the Eastern Himalayas due to its geographical location.  For many tourists, this is the destination that gives a lot of enjoyment from the time you arrived over there to the departure moment. Every situation is felt to explore and know the fascinating tale behind it as a part of the trip. View every best sight and feel rejoiced as you are not going to view it for the second time, though you plan purposely for the same scene. Make every moment adorable and enjoyable as Siliguri is mainly for its admirers and tourists and also to adventurous people.
Siliguri is blessed with natural and incredible beauty and renowned for timber, tea, and Tourism, which is the central part of the town’s economy. In addition to it, Sevoke Bridge, a remnant of British architecture and design, is impressive to view, and a journey over it is full of joy and adventure. Kali Mandir near Sevoke is considered as the abode of Goddess Kali and visited by thousands of devotees and especially by the newly wedded couples for blessings to have a happy and pleasant married life.
Visit North Bengal Science Center to enjoy flora and fauna of the place, Madhuban park- 8 km from Siliguri and the best picnic spot, Mahananda wildlife sanctuary – a natural habitat of varieties if wildlife and foliage which you can view by a jeep safari to enjoy the charm of the place thoroughly. Concurrently, visit North Bengal University, ISKCON Temple, Sed-Gyued Monastery, and Surya Sen Park, alongside the Mahanadi River, which is beautifully decorated with green lawns as a better view for children to enjoy playing games. As of now, the tour to the sights is so stressful; it is the time to enjoy hygienic and tasty food at a reasonable price. Mainly, Siliguri is well known for Patties, pastries, and milkshakes as the trip without tasting, this is considered as incomplete by many. If you wish to lift your spirits, try a glass of local Chhang, a drink made with barley, to try and feel intoxicated. After tasting the drinks and local food, empty your wallet by shopping in some of the best places which are well known for the local products. Visit the Hong Kong market, Seth Srilala market, Bidhan market, Sunflower Shopping mall, and Hill Cart Road. The primary specialty of this place is the letter racks, cane ware, and sofas and many more imported products to purchase at an affordable price. Many are very passionate to enjoy during nights, and if you wish to make your trip most memorable, join the clubs and pubs, which adds like a cherry to the cake by giving you a golden chance to step on the dance floor move your body.
Live life to the fullest during your visit to Siliguri, as this is the most cherished place by tourists to have a memorable trip!



From Siliguri, you can go to the Duars as well. At dooars, you will be able to see forests and wild animals. You can visit jaldaparaavayaranya with your spouse to make your honeymoon experience better. If you are a forest and animal lover, the beauty of the forest will attract you. This is the most popular rain forests of India. If you want to spend your Honeymoon in the lap of greenery and want any intruder to disturb you, you can definitely visit the place. The views of forests and animals will definitely attract you and make your soul happy. Also, the area contains more than one cottages or tree houses where you can spend the night and have some romantic dinner with your wife. The place is also popular with the people who live here. People who work in the tea garden are very familiar, and you will enjoy their company.


Darjeeling is the most popular hill station in West Bengal. Many of the couples choose this place due to the beauty of it. The young couple enjoys the views that they can see from the toy train, a world heritage site listed by UNESCO. The look of Kanchenjunga and the light of the tiger hill or mall amaze you and your spouse. Here in most cottages, you can have a candlelight dinner in front of a log fire, which will be more romantic than having dinner in any other place.


Jalpaiguri is the place where you can have your Honeymoon in the fresh air of Bengal’s forests. Most of the honeymoon couples visit the site to see rhinos. The natural view and the view of the wood will amaze you. To experience a quite lonely honeymoon, you can visit Jalpaiguri.


If you want to take the smell of Bengal in your Honeymoon, you can choose Bishnupur as your honeymoon spot. The smell of soil and the view of terracotta will amaze you. Bishunuour is a historical place as previously it was the capital of Bengal. There are many hotels and cottages present in Bishnupur who provide special Romantic and Honeymoon packages in India. Here, you can spend a lovely evening with your spouse. The Sunrise and Sunset views are very clear from Bishnupur, and the scenery is very calm. At Bishnupur, you can visit several old structures and temples. Most of the honeymoon couples visit the place due to the calmness and the quietness of the site.


Mandarmoni is the place where you can take full amusement and calmness. This is one of the favorite honeymoon spots in Westbengal. You can have parasailing on the beach, or you can take a bike ride on the sea beach. There are many sea-facing hotels and resorts are present here. Some of them are three-star or four-star hotels. If you want to get full enjoyment and entertainment, then you can choose Mandarmoni. The nightlife of the tourist spot attracts most of the honeymoon couples here.


Digha is an old sea beach situated in West Bengal. Digha is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in West Bengal. In case you are looking for Cheap Honeymoon and Romantic packages In India, you can choose Digha. The beauty of sea beach will make the Honeymoon remarkable. From the sea-facing balcony of the hotels and resorts, you will be able to see catchy eye scenery of Sunrise and sunset. The place is one of the most romantic destinations of Westbengal. Besides witnessing the sea beach, you can also visit the Digha science museum here. Also, you can visit the chandaneswar temple here. Even, you can taste the various numbers of fishes as a part of Bengal cuisine.

Choose Westbengal as your Honeymoon Destination

Westbengal is the place where you can get Cheap Honeymoon and Romantic packages In India, The honeymoon destinations are beautiful, and the cost to visit the honeymoon spots is not too costly. To see the beauty of Bengal every year, many tourists visit here. From Darjeeling to Digha, the eye-catchy natural scenery, I’ll make your honeymoon special. So, to start a refreshing journey or to know each other just after marriage, you can opt for Westbengal as well; the people, cuisine, as well as the beauty of tourist spots, are going to make your Honeymoon unique and memorable.