The Perfect Time To Book Your Serviced Accommodation

The Perfect Time To Book Your Serviced Accommodation

February 10, 2022 Off By Sublaid

The current pandemic situation has left a serious crisis for the hotel industry. Hence, the corporate sector has suffered as arranging accommodations hasn’t been easy ever since. But through contract accommodation booked at the right time, you can save yourself a lot of time and budget.

Book In Advance

The tourism seasons often tend to have spiralling rates for hotels and rooms. Trade Stays provides you with the opportunity to book in advance and save on time and money. We offer the best business suits to contractors at reasonable rates so they can accommodate their staff/guests at the most extravagant yet affordable level.

Optimised Bookings

If you are looking for a larger team, we can optimise the bookings by greatly reducing the per head cost. Besides, we can also make it easier to afford more facilities within your budget.

Trade Stays specialises in negotiating the best prices for you and ensuring that you get the best package possible in your desired budget. We have access to locations not listed on websites hence allowing us to maintain an extensive network throughout the country.

Complete Properties

Reserving hotel rooms can be quite an expense as the addition of even a single room can cause a spike in the bills. Our Contractor Accommodation Services allow the facility to book entire properties to save you from any hassle.

Besides, the properties are mostly self-sustainable and efficiently maintained by our staff. It allows the per head cost to be reduced significantly compared to that of the hotels.

Tailored Fit

Talking about complete properties, we don’t want the Tradespeople to think that they would suffer in suffocated environments with no space or facilities. Be it an extensive kitchen or extended work area, we provide you with a tailored fit according to your team’s requirements for the best possible experience.

In addition, we would try to bring all of this as close to your budget as possible, so you don’t have to break the bank for a decent living space.

Remote Area Services

Contractors often have to work in remote areas where it is hard to find hotels at affordable rates. This is where Trade stays come in handy; ur extensive network allows you to locate properties nearest to your workstation. Moreover, we arrange the facilities that you require if they are not present already.



Trade Stays is your best companion for contractor accommodation services. We provide you with the best living space as close to your preferred location as possible and within a reasonable budget. The best time for you to book your contract accommodations is a few weeks or months before the actual date, so you don’t have to panic about sky-rocketing rates, and Trade Stays makes sure of that.