Rhino Booksellers is a neighborhood bookstore, locally owned and operated, specializing in gently used books, collectible firsts & vintage vinyl records. We love readers, musicians, artists, writers and filmmakers and are deeply committed to Nashville’s community of creative talent.

We are always looking to buy gently used hardbound and paperback books; instruments of all shape and origin; as well as vinyl records. Interested in a trade or selling?  Give us a call at +1-615-279-0310 to set up an appointment.

Whether you’re looking for first-edition Joan Didion novels, hard-to-find Scandinavian cookbooks, niche tomes about topics like satanism or Persian rugs, or dollar paperbacks with cover illustrations straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s playbook, there’s no better shop than Rhino. There’s just one Rhino Books location left — the one on Charlotte Avenue, after the sad shuttering of the Green Hills location just weeks ago — but it’s as carefully curated as an East Village record store, and has a sleepy store cat to play with.
– Laura Hutson (Nashville Scene)