Types Of Camper Trailers

Types Of Camper Trailers

February 22, 2022 Off By Sublaid

When it comes to campers, you have many options, but the choices should not overwhelm you. Camper trailers are in different sizes and types. Your choice depends on the information available to you.

Choosing a trailer is also a thoughtful investment, but you need to consider some things before choosing. Is it your first time, or are you looking at upgrading an old camper trailer?

The next few paragraphs will take you through the list of camper trailers. You’ll also see why you should choose or not choose them. Why not check the following out to fasten your search for a trailer camper?

Forward Fold Campers

Are you looking for an organized living space? Do you want to have a relaxed vibe in place of internal storage capacity? Then forward fold campers are the option you should go for.

Forward fold campers give a little storage capacity under the seats, but you will have enough sitting view. Your bed also gets a good amount of space, and you can convert your bed to suit your company. Just a typical small crowd space.


                                                       Image Source: Cub Campers

Hybrid Campers

If you want to enjoy a secured door and a solid roof and you don’t mind a little higher purchase price, hybrid campers are your bet. Hybrid campers are a combo of many parts apart from their secured door.

Hybrid campers are known for their various configurations and external kitchen facilities. They also come with considerable access for tall people.

Soft Floor Campers

As the name sounds, soft floor campers are best for their tent space. It also has a safe space where you can keep all your gears. They’re best considered for local riverside camping.

A soft floor camper gives you more site prep and a larger storage facility. You will also get a larger tent area. One advantage of a soft floor is that it weighs pretty less and offers more space.

Picking a good direction for the tent is a good tip for parking a soft floor camper. Remember that while choosing.

Rear Fold Campers

Rearfolds are neither a soft floor nor a forward fold camper, just in-between. However, it is an easy tourer. Rear fold campers are long enough to give you all the pleasures of camping.

If you choose Rear Fold Campers, you will get three access doors and fast set-up times. It also comes with flat sites and great departure angles.

Teardrop Campers

Are you looking for a small camper trailer that any vehicle can tow? Teardrops are your go-to because of their light nature. The body parts of a teardrop are compact and ultra-light.

Despite its limited floor plan, it can comfort and fit the necessary amenities for a great camping experience.

If you are looking at packing lights and spending just a few days camping or on a road trip, teardrop will serve your purpose.

Airstreams Campers

This brand is excellent for its aesthetic appearance and beautiful design. Another nice thing about airstreams outside of aesthetics is the sizes. Unlike others with a fixed size, this one comes in different lengths and weights.

It would easily fit in a bathroom, bedroom, dining, kitchen, as well as nice storage space on the floor. This is unlike teardrop campers.

Since Airstream is a brand and not just a type of trailer, you can only get it from designated suppliers. So it depends on you anyways, but you may want to check out this camper.