The Greatest Premier League Players of All Time

The Greatest Premier League Players of All Time

February 24, 2022 Off By Sublaid

The English football league has had a number of amazing players who left their indelible mark in this wonderful competition. Most of the players you know might be from big names like Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal. This list was made based on the player’s performances in the Premier League only as well as the impact they had on their teams. Read more: W88

#1: Ashley Cole

He is the greatest left-back of the Premier League

Ashley Cole is the greatest left-back of the Premier League. Even though he was a left-back, he never feared going forward. When he played for Arsenal, he was a huge attacking threat. Not only did he work tirelessly on the flanks, but also helped out in both defence and attack. His performance made him an integral part of the Arsenal’s invincibles side. However, in 2006, he made a controversial transfer to bitter rivals Chelsea. His fans from Arsenal obviously did not like that decision.

During his years playing for Chelsea, he had some of his best performances playing a pivotal part in the Blues’ successes. In Ashley Cole’s career, he has won 3 Premier League titles. Two of them were with Arsenal and the third one was with Chelsea when they won the League under Carlo Ancelotti.

#2: Alan Shearer


Alan Shearer was a legendary striker

Alan Shearer is the highest ever goalscorer in Premier League history. Not only was he a legend of Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers, he is also considered to be the greatest English striker of all time. He has some of the best records such as the most goals in a 42 game season with 34 goals, most goals in a 38 game season with 31 goals. He also holds a record of having the most number of hat tricks in Premier League history with 11 times.

Aside from that, he won the Golden Boot award 3 times. Alan Shearer contributed to Blackburn‘s stunning Premier League title win in 1995. He also helped Newcastle United to come runner up in the 1996-97 season. Moreover, he is the only player who score more than 100 goals for two separate clubs in the history of the Premier League. Along with being the winner of the PFA player of the year in 1995 and 1997, Alan Shearer undoubtedly is one of the greatest Premier League players of all time. See More: Agbong88

#3: Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira is a dynamic midfield player and also was the captain of the incredible Arsenal “invincibles” side. He has the ability to bring the ball from defence to attack. When it comes to the name Patrick Vieira, everyone remembers his tackling, passing ability and determination. The French midfielder was a natural fit in the Premier League. Not only does he have a good combination of height and strength, his technique and composure were also incredible.

At the time he retired, Patrick Vieira had amassed 107 caps for France. He also won the 1998 World Cup and 2000 Euros with France. He was in the PFA team of the year at Arsenal six seasons in a row and won three Premier Leagues as well as four FA Cups. Before his retirement, he played for Manchester City but he is best remembered for his time at Arsenal. Until now, the Gunners are still struggling to find a player to be as great as their legendary French captain.