Guidelines For Travelling With Your Emotional Support Dog

Guidelines For Travelling With Your Emotional Support Dog

June 10, 2020 Off By Sublaid

The emotional support dog is considered as the best companion for the emotional or psychiatric support for the disabled. People prefer to take their emotional support furry companions with them, sat lovingly in their lap, or nestled under the seat in front of them when they fly. And for those who require comfort that an emotional support dog provides when flying often goes hand in hand with severe anxiety. It’s simply not a preference but a genuine necessity.

The airlines require the legitimate emotional support animal registration (which will prove them as a perfect emotional support animal) along with other additional verification documents like a special letter from a licensed mental health professional, Written declaration from a medical provider stating the need for an emotional support animal by a passenger, Veterinary certification confirming the animal is in recent good health and up to date on shots and a statement from the passenger affirming that the animal will behave on the flight and in the airport to get them allowed in airlines to travel with the passenger.

Here we have a few necessary guidelines for you to travel with your emotional support dog:

1- Check The Airline’s Policies

Before taking your emotional support dog with you for traveling by airplanes. Check the airline’s policies. Every airline has different policies to allow passengers along with their emotional support dogs to travel with them in cabins. Go through the policies, consider the requirements, and fulfill them before going to take off.

2- Make Sure Size And Health

Make sure your emotional support dog is healthy, modest in size, and not potentially dangerous. It does not harm anyone and understands the environment so well. They should be trained enough not to make noise within the gatherings and performs gently. The extra-large size of the dog will not be allowed because of their problem for sitting in laps. So, make sure the size of your emotional support dog is perfect to travel with you on flights.

3- Take Their Snacks With You

While going for traveling, take the necessary snacks of your dog with you of his choice and let him eat in a food tray. Highly consider the choice of the dog while offering him a meal in flights. Make their meal beforehand and take them along with you while flying.

4- It Doesn’t Climb On Seats

Don’t let your pet to sit on the other seats or to climb on them. It may seem that something can be fun for your pet and it may become excited. So, putting your animal on to the next seat or in your laps might be a bad idea for several reasons. It may make your animal more anxious and physically closer to the people. All freedom of movement for your animals can bring fur, dust, or dander nearer to everyone, especially to the allergy sufferers. Keep them on the floor in your designated foot space to keep everyone safe and calm.


Feel free to take your emotional support animal with you along for traveling. But make sure, to follow all the necessary guidelines for the safe traveling with your favorite emotional support companion.

Follow guidelines to take your emotional support dog with you, enjoy the traveling!