Best Things to Do in Krakow: Attractions in Cultural Capital of Poland

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Visit Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland, beckons with its blend of history, architecture, and vibrant street life. This city, where the past and present seamlessly merge, offers a plethora of attractions that promise to enchant every visitor. From the historic Old Town to the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krakow is a city that wears its history on its sleeve while inviting exploration and discovery.

Krakow Old Town: Medieval Town Square

The heart of Krakow beats strongest in its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is among the best-preserved in Europe. Dated back to the 13th century, the Main Square (Rynek Główny) is a sprawling medieval market square, one of the largest in Europe and historically one of the largest medieval trading centers. It’s surrounded by historic townhouses, palaces, and churches, echoing the vibrancy of its past as a bustling hub of commerce and social life. Standing at the center, the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) is a testament to former trading prowess, where merchants from diverse lands once bartered goods. Nearby, St. Mary’s Basilica towers over the square, its Gothic structure housing the stunning Altarpiece of Veit Stoss. A stroll through the streets of Krakow’s Old Town further reveals the city’s rich history, from the Renaissance-era Wawel Castle to the Barbican and St. Florian’s Gate, remnants of the city’s medieval fortifications. This rich tapestry of architectural and historical landmarks makes Old Town a captivating journey through time.

Wawel Castle & Cathedral

Perched on Wawel Hill with a breathtaking view overlooking the Vistula River and the Krakow Old Town, the Wawel Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral stand as the crown jewels of Krakow. This architectural complex, a symbol of Polish national identity and history, showcases a myriad of architectural styles from Gothic to Renaissance. The castle, having served as the residence of Polish kings for centuries, and the cathedral, the final resting place of Polish monarchs and national heroes, are imbued with the nation’s rich heritage. At the foot of the hill, the Wawel Dragon sculpture, inspired by local folklore, adds a mythical touch to this historical site. When you’re visiting Krakow, exploring Wawel Hill is undoubtedly one of the top things to see, offering a unique vantage point that combines majestic architecture with panoramic views of the city’s ancient heart.

Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)

Your walking tour through Krakow wouldn’t be complete without exploring Kazimierz, the city’s historic Jewish district. Once a separate medieval town, Kazimierz is now a thriving quarter, renowned for its rich historical tapestry and vibrant contemporary culture. This district narrates the saga of its Jewish community, chronicling its golden age during the Middle Ages and the somber period of the Nazi occupation. Today, the streets of Kazimierz buzz with trendy cafes, galleries, and shops, seamlessly blending the area’s Jewish heritage with modern artistic expression. Notable landmarks such as the Old Synagogue and the Galicia Jewish Museum stand as testaments to the enduring spirit of the Jewish community.


Day Trip To Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most significant tourist attractions in Poland, and staying in Krakow offers a great opportunity to explore it on a day trip. This underground marvel has been operational for over 700 years. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is renowned for its extensive labyrinth of tunnels, magnificent chapels carved out of salt, and stunning saline lakes. A guided tour of the mine unveils its historical significance and the ingenuity of its miners. The Chapel of St. Kinga, entirely hewn from salt, stands as a highlight, featuring remarkable salt sculptures and chandeliers. Taking a Krakow Salt Mine tour is a convenient way to reach the mine, making it an accessible and fascinating addition to any Krakow itinerary.

Schindler’s Factory Enamel Factory Museum

The enamel factory once owned by Oskar Schindler has been transformed into a poignant museum dedicated to the history of the Nazi occupation of Krakow. Through interactive exhibits, the museum vividly narrates Krakow’s wartime experience, spotlighting the Jewish ghetto and the countless lives saved by Schindler. It stands as a moving tribute to the resilience of the human spirit against adversity. Adjacent to this historical site is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, which also merits a spot on your list of activities in Krakow.

Parks, Mountains and Thermal Baths: Natural Attractions Near Krakow

Beyond the city, the natural beauty of the surrounding area beckons. Ojcowski National Park, just a short drive outside of Kraków, offers picturesque limestone cliffs, dense forests, and quaint villages. Further afield, the Tatra Mountains near Zakopane present a rugged landscape perfect for hiking, skiing, and soaking in thermal baths. These natural escapes provide a refreshing counterpoint to the urban energy of Krakow.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Guided Tour from Krakow

Most tourists feel that they can’t go to Poland without paying a visit to Auschwitz , the largest Nazi concentration camp (and extermination camp). Situated just a short distance from Krakow, this site is a poignant educational journey into the horrors of the Holocaust, emphasizing the critical importance of remembering the individuals who lost their lives. The easiest and most informative way to explore this significant historical site is through a guided Auschwitz Guided Tour by Krakowbooking, which not only facilitates transportation from Krakow, but also provides valuable insights into the history and personal stories associated with Auschwitz. The well-preserved barracks, gas chambers, and personal belongings of the victims offer a hauntingly educational glimpse into one of history’s darkest periods.


Krakow is a city that masterfully blends history, culture, and nature, providing a wealth of diverse experiences. Beyond its rich past, Krakow thrives with art, culinary delights, and hospitality, which you can find everywhere in Krakow. The streets of Krakow are full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. What’s highlighted here are just a few of the many attractions in Krakow and around the city.