What Are The Best Ways To Travel From Dubai To Abu Dhabi For A Day Tour?

What Are The Best Ways To Travel From Dubai To Abu Dhabi For A Day Tour?

March 14, 2022 Off By Sublaid

It is considered one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the world, as well as the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are many places of sightseeing in the city, attracting tens of thousands of tourists each day from all over the globe. In addition, many tourists plan their trips to include nearby cities. As such, we’re going to show Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours and how to make the most of a day trip there.

By using Sheikh Zayed Road, it takes about one hour and fifty minutes to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. A private chauffeur makes a trip like that a lot more comfortable. Abu Dhabi is very popular among Dubai’s regular residents on Fridays and Saturdays as a place to relax and enjoy their days off. Visitors of all ages enjoy Abu Dhabi’s warm welcome and world-class entertainment options.

Abu Dhabi Travel Tips

Would you like to take advantage of your time off or holiday to go on an adventure? Explore Abu Dhabi’s greatest attractions while you’re here.

Book a private Abu Dhabi city tour with tour guides from Dubai-based tour operator companies if you want to discover Abu Dhabi from Dubai while still staying within your budget. Afterward, you can relax in your bus, let the driver drive you to the top Abu Dhabi attractions, and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Options For Dubai To Abu Dhabi Transfers

Travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai is easy since there are many options for transportation. Below are some of the best Dubai to Abu Dhabi transfer options to consider before making your way to Abu Dhabi. Decide on the best transport option for the size and needs of your group after considering your budget and needs.

Traveling From Dubai To Abu Dhabi By Private Car

When you have a big group or a family with children, hiring a private vehicle is probably the most convenient and reliable way to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Full day Tour from Dubai with Lunch 2022

It will be a private van or bus with a chauffeur dedicated to your group only and you can go anywhere in Abu Dhabi without the hassle of a taxi meter counting down since these services are provided by transport companies every day.

Taking a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

If you’re traveling with less than four people and want to visit only one or two places in Abu Dhabi from Dubai, it is most economical and most convenient to take a taxi.
It may be that you need to attend a meeting or you want to visit friends and family for a short time in Abu Dhabi.

From Dubai, you can reach Abu Dhabi main city areas by taxi in about one hour and fifty minutes for about 200 AED ($55) one way.

Intercity Bus From Dubai To Abu Dhabi

If you travel to Abu Dhabi regularly for work or other reasons, taking the intercity bus is the cheapest and best way to get there from Dubai. It takes up to three hours to reach Abu Dhabi by public transport, and the bus fare is 30 AED (about $8).

In contrast, these buses can result in you having to wait at the bus station for as long as 20 minutes before a bus leaves. Due to their limited reach, these buses do not drop you at your doorstep, and you will have to get off at the nearest bus station and walk or take a local taxi to get to your office.