The Perks of Living Next to Nature

The Perks of Living Next to Nature

March 23, 2021 Off By Sublaid

Have you noticed how spending a few days in the mountains, surrounded by nature, can make you feel recharged and refreshed? Or how you feel energized after spending the weekend lounging by the sea? People always seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city when they feel stressed and overwhelmed from work and life in general.

It is all for good reason. Nature can help reduce your stress. Even looking at pictures of nature can help calm you down and can make you feel good. It reduces negative feelings such as fear and anger. Being surrounded by nature can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. It even lowers your body’s production of stress hormones.

Studies show that spending at least 120 minutes in a natural environment every week is beneficial to your health. Nature also helps you deal and cope with pain and any discomfort.

Even children with ADHD can benefit from nature. In a study, children diagnosed with attention deficits had improved concentration and focus after a walk in the park. At least twenty minutes of exposure to nature enhanced their attention and focus. Letting children experience nature is a safe and inexpensive method of managing a child’s ADHD symptoms.

If you have been thinking of leaving the big city and settling in the mountain towns, then you are not alone. People have been leaving the urban jungle for a quieter and more peaceful life in the rural areas. Mountain towns may not have shopping malls and tall skyscrapers, but they more than make up for it with breathtaking views and much fresher air.

So before you pack your bags and buy your mountain town emergency necessities such as an MSAT G2, here’s what you should know about mountain town living.

It’s Like You’re On Vacation All-Year-Round.

Imagine going fishing with friends after work, or going on a quick bike trail. In some mountain towns, you can easily do some water sports and winter sports.

Magnificent mountain views will greet you every day. Stunning lakes and vistas will always take your breath away. If you love nature, then it is the perfect life for you. Living in mountain towns also makes hiking, skiing, and mountain biking ordinary daily activities.

While mountain towns may offer simpler lifestyles compared to urban areas, the quality of life that they offer is more healthy and natural. Sure, there are no high-end boutiques and five-star restaurants, but you get to live in a place surrounded by trees and mountain ranges. The air is also fresher, the water purer, and the ambiance more peaceful.

You Get To Live A More Laid Back Lifestyle.

If the constant traffic, overcrowded streets, and incessant city noise stress you out, life in a mountain town may be just what you need. Since it is a smaller scale town, this means lesser traffic and lesser people. Residents almost know everyone in town, making it easier to resolve issues should there be any. Relationships between the members of the community are more vibrant and stronger.

Instead of waking up to the honking of hundred cars, you will wake up to the sound of birds or tree branches bustling. There is nothing as refreshing as waking up to the sound of nature. Going an early morning jog will surely be more enjoyable and even more relaxing.

People In Mountain Towns Live Longer.

People in Colorado mountain towns are living longer and enjoying life even in their nineties. People in their 80s are even skiing and hiking. Colorado mountain towns, such as Summit and Pitkin have the highest life expectancies in the U.S.. People there just seem to be happier and healthier more than anyone else. Is it the altitude of their location? Are they eating healthier foods?

People in mountain towns seem to just enjoy life. Every day is a new adventure just waiting to be discovered and experienced. They are also mostly physically active and are more engaged with the people in their community.

The Weather Is Cooler.

People go up the mountains when the cities get too stifling hot. Depending on your location, you can enjoy cooler weather. For instance, the temperatures at the Highlands, North Carolina do not exceed 70 degrees, even at the peak of the summer season.

However, the climate in the mountains can also be harsher. Temperatures can go really low in some mountain towns. Blizzards, ice storms, and strong winds can make winters a horrible experience. Being ready with winter essentials can make the ordeal more bearable.

When choosing the mountain town to settle in, make sure to check how the climate is like. This will let you prepare your tools and gear to make living with nature more enjoyable and comfortable for you. Researching the thriving industries will also give you an idea of what jobs you can take.