The Allure of Nomadic Living

The Allure of Nomadic Living

January 5, 2022 Off By Sublaid

Recent statistics show that the allure of remote work has taken the world by storm. Only 4.8 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads in 2018. But the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has more than doubled that number, resulting in over 10.9 million remote workers in 2020.

But why is that so? What is the allure of digital nomadic living about? If you’ve been contemplating taking the next step into embracing the world of remote working, here are five of the most important benefits becoming a digital nomad has to offer.

1. You Have The Freedom To Travel The World.

With the COVID-19 vaccine continuously being delivered to the entire world, a change of scenery is possible once again. This is where working remotely comes in.
Being a digital nomad gives you the freedom to work in any town, state, or country you want (as long as there’s reliable internet coverage). Imagine doing your tasks on the beach and spending your breaks in the mountains. You don’t even have to worry about traveling with all your things since a local moving company can handle your relocation more efficiently for you.

2. You Are Safer In The Mid-And Post-Pandemic World.

The elephant in the room should be addressed. The new normal everyone’s going to be living in still has the risk of contracting the Corona-Virus at any moment. Not having to go to the office day in and day out increases your chance of staying healthy. Albeit you’d probably still be traveling (see entry number 1), the health protocols set in place for tourism is far better than what you’d be experiencing during your daily commute.
Working in an enclosed office with numerous people makes it easier for bacteria to spread. You won’t have that problem if you’re working from home. Plus, having the chance to work at your own pace can lead to a healthier lifestyle in both physical and mental aspects.

3. You Have More Time To Focus On Your Happiness.

Speaking of working at your own pace, one of the best benefits working remotely has is the flexibility to handle your time. Even the simplest and most trivial parts of your routine will become more efficiently handled. You can save time by not getting stuck in traffic while commuting to and from the office. Not having to prepare to look professional in the morning every day also greatly impacts your schedule.
All the time saved could be spent on things that make you happy. And most importantly, since most policies in this industry revolve around a “no work, no pay” system. The efficiency and productivity of each individual improve.

4. Remote Work Offers A Lot Of Financial Opportunities.

Everything stated above is connected to your finances. The same studies referenced earlier also state that 49% of digital nomads in the country earn more than their office jobs. And 38% of them earn over $75,000 a year. Add that to having a lower cost of living since you’d have the freedom to choose any financially wiser location to camp at, and you’d surely be saving enough to get you set up for a brighter future.

But more than just saving money, becoming a digital nomad also presents opportunities to earn more. Since there’s a high probability of not being tied to one company, you can generate income depending on how hard and smart you want to work. You also gain and develop more skills that will be crucial in starting your own business while widening your network.

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You Have The Flexibility And Freedom To Adjust Your Comfort Levels.

Yes, freedom and flexibility have been written multiple times. But those are the core benefits that you get by living a digital nomadic life.

You can choose and design an office conducive to your working habits. More so, you can even choose the location you want to stay in without worrying about logistics. You have control over your working hours. And you are actively in charge of your personal and professional growth.

The Bottom Line

With both the impacts of the pandemic, the advancement of technology, the pace of globalization, and the digitalization of most businesses, becoming a digital nomad will be a big part of the world’s future. But keep in mind that it is also not a walk in the park all the time. Becoming a digital nomad means having the responsibility to work most of the time independently. So make sure that you’re prepared before diving in.