Benefits of Scattering Ashes at Sea

Benefits of Scattering Ashes at Sea

January 11, 2022 Off By Sublaid

It’s convenient to have another option, especially when showing your honor and love to a lost relative. Sometimes a funeral puts everyone’s mood down. Scattering ashes may prove a positive alternative to a traditional burial method. Here are some benefits of scattering ashes at sea.

More Affordable Option

A funeral can get more expensive than hiring a boat to scatter ashes. You have to rent out a place to have the funeral concession. Two, you need to pick the coffin. Three, you have to get people to preserve the body and even do the makeup/haircut.

Not to mention, it costs to have a hearse to transport the body to the burial site. All of that can be a hassle and cost a fortune if you’re not prepared. If you decide to spread the ashes, all you need is cremation and an urn to do it.

Biodegradable urns are generally less expensive, and they’re convenient because they dissolve in the water. This choice in showing respect to your deceased family member might be better for the family because of fewer costs and responsibilities.

Brings a Better Experience

When you’re on a beautiful lake, river, or sea, it brings out positive energy in the people around you. The fresh air, the sun, and the beautiful water can make the event less traumatic. Additionally, you have more options.

With a funeral, you’re fighting for space to get the body buried underneath the grown. You have to worry about the size of the casket and how much room you have to get your family member in the soil.

Whether you throw the urn in the water or you scatter it from your charter boat, you can make it easier to dispose of the human remains.

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Allows Everyone to Participate

With a funeral, you’re on the clock. You have to get the pastor, family, and close friends to speak. You can split the remains in a few urns at a sea ash ceremony.Everyone can have their say about the deceased person. A few people can throw biodegradable wreaths and flowers into the water. Also, you can make it more of an outing.

You can have a champagne toast while listening to the relative’s favorite soundtrack. All of these elements create a feel-good environment for everyone.

Consider scattering ashes in the sea to bring a much lighter atmosphere to this event.