Mid Tower: Navigating the Heart of Prosperity in New Capital

Mid Tower: Navigating the Heart of Prosperity in New Capital

September 12, 2023 Off By Sublaid

In the vibrant fabric of Egypt’s New Capital, a new gem has emerged, named Mid Tower New Capital by Prime Development, destined to redefine urban luxury and connectivity. With its strategic location at the core of the city, Mid Tower offers its occupants stunning panoramic views of the various landmarks enveloping the New Capital, ensuring that the vibrant city life is just a glance away.

A Prime Location in the New Capital

Mid Tower New Capital Mall is nestled precisely in the city’s heart, making it equally distanced from almost all the landmarks, a testament to its optimal location. The availability of various spaces at competitive prices per meter of units amplifies its appeal, ensuring that businesses of all scales find a suitable haven within its elegant confines.

Remarkable Views and Strategic Positioning at Mid Tower New Capital Mall

Mall Mid Tower New Capital stands as an architectural masterpiece with a façade stretching up to 250 m2 on Central Park. This not only grants it an imposing presence but also enhances productivity by providing tranquil and inspiring views.

Enhanced Productivity at Mall Mid Tower Prime Development

Mid Tower Business Complex is more than just a commercial entity; it is a hub of opportunities and a catalyst for growth and innovation. The stunning views, strategic positioning, and competitive prices create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and evolve.

Discovering the Essence of Urban Luxury

Every unit within Mall Mid Tower New Capital is a gateway to unparalleled urban luxury, where elegance meets convenience. The strategic location and the myriad of available spaces make it an irresistible proposition for those seeking to experience the best of what Mid Tower has to offer.

Mid Tower New Capital Mall is a landmark development by Prime Development, encapsulating the essence of luxury, connectivity, and productivity. With its prime location, offering balanced access to the city’s landmarks, and its competitive pricing, it stands out as a beacon of opportunity in the New Capital.

Whether you seek to establish a commercial entity at Mall Mid Tower Prime Development or aspire to experience unparalleled urban luxury, Mall Mid Tower New Capital is the place to be.

Unlock Your Dream Investment: Prime Opportunities Await at Mid Tower, New Capital City

Being in the center of any city is a privilege, allowing easy access to its numerous landmarks. Mall Mid Tower Prime Development offers just that but, in the city, heralded as one of the hottest investment hotspots – the New Capital. Despite its plethora of features and prime location, the units come at incredibly reasonable prices. Commercial units for sale on the ground floor start from a tempting 136,000 EGP per meter, offering unparalleled value for such prime real estate.

The Administrative Units of Mid Tower

Diverse Options, Flexible Prices in Mid Tower Business Complex

With prices starting from 67,000 EGP per meter on the first floor and 82,000 EGP on the second floor, Mid Tower extends a range of options suitable for various business needs and preferences. As for administrative units, they are available at equally competitive prices, price per meter of units is starting from 25,500 EGP on the third floor.

Optimized Payment for Every Investor

A whopping 40% discount is available on cash purchases at the launch, and the delivery of the Mid Tower units is promised within a concise 3.5 years. Additionally, a spectrum of installments systems is available, including options ranging from a 5% down payment with the rest over 5 years to 35% of the unit price + 15% upon receipt, with the remainder over 3 years.

A Symphony of Investment Opportunities in Mid Mall New Capital

This is your call to action. Seize this golden opportunity to book or buy your unit in a city that is a symbol of progress and potential. With a small down payment, secure a piece of this promising project and watch as your investment flourishes in the thriving ecosystem of New Capital.

A Treasure Trove for Investors

Mid Tower Business Complex, with its reasonable prices and prime location in Egypt’s New Capital, is a treasure trove for investors seeking stable and lucrative opportunities. The flexible payment options and varied unit prices make it a versatile choice for a diverse range of investment needs. Don’t let this chance slip by; dive into a world of prosperity with Mid Tower and witness the evolution of your investment journey in the heart of Egypt’s future!