Kenneth Loeb Considers World’s Best Travel Destinations for Golf Aficionados

Kenneth Loeb Considers World’s Best Travel Destinations for Golf Aficionados

April 17, 2021 Off By Sublaid

Golfer Kenneth Loeb explores a trio of the planet’s top places to visit for fellow devotees of the sport.

Millions of people from across the globe regularly enjoy a round of golf. From amateurs to professionals, many are members of a local club, affording them regular opportunities to embrace their love of the sport. Others, however, keen to explore the wider world of golf, regularly plan their vacations around their passion. With this in mind, golfer Kenneth Loeb takes a closer look at several of the top places to visit for fellow enthusiasts.

Keen golfer Kenneth Loeb is a seasoned business executive and realty firm chairman. Based in Ottawa, southern Ontario, Loeb currently devotes the majority of his time to commercial real estate holdings both in Canada and the U.S.

Away from his work, Ken Loeb is passionate about golf, as well as travel, skiing, and wine. It’s Loeb’s love of golf and travel, in particular, that have seen the realty firm executive chairman explore a number of the world’s top travel destinations for those also interested in combining the two.

Among the best-rated places to visit, Kenneth Loeb reports, are Puerto Rico, Australia, and Northern Ireland.

“Today, Puerto Rico’s golf scene is stronger than ever,” says Loeb of the popular Caribbean island. “While the number of courses is limited, many boast spectacular views, immediately setting it apart from the competition overseas,” he goes on, “with Puerto Rico as a whole also a great place to visit for an island adventure.”

Kenneth Loeb next turns his attention to Australia, and, most notably, the southeastern state of Victoria’s coastal capital of Melbourne. “Australia boasts some fantastic golfing opportunities,” Loeb explains, “with Melbourne, especially, celebrated for some of the best courses, not just in the country, but anywhere in the world, too, according to many fans of the sport.”

Finally, Ken Loeb shares a closer look at Northern Ireland. “Famed throughout Europe and across much of the rest of the world for its golf, Northern Ireland is a must-visit destination for aficionados,” suggests Loeb.

From its most famous courses to lesser-known spots, Northern Ireland, Ken Loeb says, should be on any jet-setting golf lover’s sporting bucket list.

Also worthy of an honorable mention, according to Ken Loeb, are the Texas Gulf Coast in the U.S., the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia, and Scotland – the spiritual home, in fact, he points out, of the modern game of golf.

Kenneth Loeb began his professional career as a litigation lawyer after successfully acquiring his law license. Later turning his attention to business, Loeb then owned and operated a thriving packaging company for the next three decades. Now serving as a realty firm executive chairman, Ken Loeb lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Outside of his work, and further to his passion for golf, Loeb enjoys reading, wine tasting, and spending time with his close friends and family.