How to Find Safe Private Charter Flights for Business Travel

How to Find Safe Private Charter Flights for Business Travel

April 22, 2022 Off By Sublaid

Convenience, privacy, and comfort are the top three reasons people choose private jets for business travel. Finding the right private jet charter company is important as aviation companies have different rates and fleets. Here are some tips for finding safe private jet charters for business tours.

Choose Wisely

Not all private jet charter companies are the same, so you should research the aviation company before booking a private jet. You can call a few private charter flight operators and speak to their representative. Ask them about

  • Types of aircraft in their fleet.
  • Their safety rating.
  • Their pilot qualifications.
  • Their aircraft maintenance.

A reliable aviation company will provide satisfactory answers to all client’s questions and doubts. On the other hand, inexperienced, unreliable aviation companies will be more worried about getting customers and will try to avoid answering questions as they might lose clients.

Choosing wisely does not mean selecting the lowest private jet charter option. Instead, it generally means balancing things to ensure you reach your destination safely, timely, and comfortably.


When you plan to take a charter flight, you prefer flying from the closest airport to your location. However, some aviation companies offer charter services from select airports, which could become a cause for the inconvenience for passengers. Hence, you need to check whether the aviation company offers private charter flights from the airports of your choice.

You can visit the aviation company website to check the airports they cover and then call their representative. In addition, some leading companies operate charter flights from all major cities and regional airports in the US.

Transparent Pricing

The cost is an important factor when choosing a charter flight company. Aviation companies follow different pricing models, and their prices vary. Leading aviation companies follow a point-to-point pricing model that does not include the aircraft location, resulting in an empty leg journey that needs to be completed to get the plane to the location where the clients want to board.

Smaller aviation companies do not offer point-to-point pricing that increases the cost of charter flights. You should look for aviation companies offering point-to-point pricing to save on costs.


Safety is an important factor when choosing a private jet charter. As per recent data, the US-registered 15 fatal accidents with 43 deaths for charter flights operating under Part 135. Therefore, you need to look for an aviation company with an impeccable safety record. Here are two benchmarks for safety in the aviation industry.

ARGUS Platinum

ARGUS International is an unbiased third-party independent partner that works with aviation companies worldwide to reach the highest safety goals. The Platinum certification is the highest available accreditation for operational safety standards. An aviation company that has ARGUS Platinum accreditation has

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  • Performed pilot background checks.
  • Have an in-depth historical safety analysis.
  • Keeps well-documented records of operation and management.
  • Has implemented a functional safety management system.
  • Has a clear emergency response plan.
  • IS-BAO Aircraft

IS-BAO stands for International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations. It is a code of best practices that maintain professional operations to international standards. The IS-BAO certification is awarded by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). An independent third-party agency evaluates the aircraft management company, and the following things are checked during audits.

  • Aircraft equipment and maintenance
  • Emergency response plans
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Training programs
  • Domestic and international flight operations
  • Organization of personnel
  • Security Management System(SMS)
  • Company operations manual
  • Environmental management

An aviation company that has earned IS-BAO accreditation is an assurance to the client that the company is committed to following safety and operational best practices.

Dedicated 24/7 VIP service

Business travel is generally planned at short notice, and you should be able to book a charter flight promptly. You need to look for an aviation company that offers dedicated 24×7 VIP services that allow you to call them anytime to book a charter flight.

Integrated Trip Planning

When traveling for business purposes, you might have to travel to different destinations in a foreign country. Some aviation companies only offer charter flight service between two major locations, and you have to make travel arrangements for domestic travel. Leading aviation companies offer their clients integrated trip planning that allows you to fly by a chartered jet to all designated stops in your business trip.

When you share your travel needs and designated stops with the aviation company, they create a plan for your entire business trip. As a result, you don’t have to worry about domestic travel arrangements when flying to a foreign country. The aviation company takes care of the travel times, pre-boarding, exclusive routes, and spacing between designated stops and stations.

The integrated trip planning works to minimize the distance between exit and boarding points and ensures comfortable and safe transfer of clients to various destinations.

You can follow a few tips and guidelines when finding a safe, private jet charter for business travel.