Why BendyMan is a Great Gift Idea

Why BendyMan is a Great Gift Idea

November 25, 2020 Off By Sublaid

Putting together the perfect shopping list for your loved ones is possibly the hardest and most stressful part of the holiday season. You want to find the perfect gift that they will cherish and use, but also won’t break the bank. Gift giving in any season these days often revolves heavily around the latest tech, gadgets, and digital accessories. Most of us can’t live without our smartphones, so fun and useful accessories for phones and tablets of all manufacturers are always sure to be a hit, no matter who you are shopping for.  BendyMan is an ultra-functional, versatile, and useful travel-sized accessory in a fun-sized package. This little bendy man is a perfect companion for adventurers and homebodies alike and brings enjoyment and fun to any age group. He can be used as a table stand, flashlight, and so much more! 

Great for Friends Who Travel

Beardyman is a compact size flexible rubber phone holder, flashlight, cord wrangler, and more! Shaped like a little 6inch tall fun-sized friend, he is small and lightweight for easy packing and travel. Beardyman has many useful and easy to navigate features, and can be used in any way you can put your mind to! His eyes light up with LED bulbs for a bright but lightweight flashlight, great for a carry on bag, and is even small enough to be stored in a purse or backpack. Less than ¼ inch thick, he can be bent in an unlimited number of ways to make a table stand anywhere, and his rubberized arms and legs make a secure hold for all kinds of devices, like phones and smaller tablets. Bendyman would make a great companion for travel from long flights to road trips or even a weekend camping getaway and is always happy to help with a smile on his face. 

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A Bendy Accessory for Home 

Would you be surprised if we told you that BendyMan is just as useful and fun around your home as he is out on an adventure? Still a great and reliable option to be used as a table stand for your devices whether you are cooking, in a Zoom meeting or streaming media, but he has even more versatile uses around the house. Bendyman can be used to hold charging cords, earbuds, or any other cord to keep them organized and tidy. This little bendy guy can even be used as a hook to hold snack bags closed! He comes in a variety of bright colors to stand out and never be lost or forgotten about. Bringing fun energy and organization into any home, dorm room, or office. He can also be used to bring a little fun into your work life by displaying business cards on your desk or work area. Bedyman can be handy all around your home and used in so many ways that you can create yourself, making him a great and useful gift this holiday season. 

A Perfect Gift For Anyone on Your List

BendyMan is a lightweight, compact and useful accessory that can bring joy and versatility to anyone in your life. From a small travel flashlight and table stand, to a phone charger hook or a business card display, you can put BendyMan to work with the simple action of bending him into place. He is even made from 100% vegan products, making him a great  friendly gesture to loved ones of any lifestyle. BendyMan is always happy to help, with a friendly smile on his face making zoom meetings and classes more fun. It’s not always this easy to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but with BendyMan, it is!