What to Do on Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina?

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Dubai Marina is a man-made body of water that runs along a kilometer and a half of Persian Gulf shoreline. It is one of the world’s most impressive waterfront complexes, with hotels, stores, and towers on each side. An unforgettable experience awaits you on the calm waters of the Dubai Marina during your two-hour Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. Some of the city’s most famous landmarks seem especially attractive when lit up at night. These dhows have an upper and lower deck and are decked in the vibrant colors used in traditional Emirati design. They have cool air conditioning and all the modern conveniences, plus relaxing music. Indulge in the sumptuous spread at the buffet while you watch fascinating cultural acts like the Tanura dance show. You can expect to have a wonderful time on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina.

Why Should You Pick Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina?

Everyone wants to do something unique and exciting. One of these is a ride on a Dhow Cruise Dubai. No one would want to miss out on a classic and beautiful Dhow, we’re sure. Now that it has so many unique features, it would not be smart to get rid of it.

This floating restaurant can fit different numbers of people. It will make your party celebrations fun and worth remembering. The Marina has beautiful buildings and canals that look like they came from Venice. You should also find a great place for business meetings. People make special events like birthdays, reunions, marriage proposals, and family gatherings more memorable by spending time with their loved ones on a Dhow cruise and enjoying a delicious Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner. So, these are the reasons to choose Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Highlights

Having supper on a Dhow in the marina is a fun and different experience to share with loved ones. On top of all this, it’s the most ideal setting for a passionate evening with your soul mate. The dhow’s lighting and ornamentation cast a soothing and romantic glow on the waters around it. That area is also great for unwinding and enjoying some downtime.

The unusual cuisine we offer on our Dhow Cruises in Dubai Marina is a major highlight of the trip. Experience both authentic Arabic cuisine and continental fare. Both vegans and meat-eaters are welcome here. The Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner buffet is second to none, and any foodie among you will certainly like it. Further, Mala Tours also provides a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as Arabic coffee, tea, and water.

In the same way, Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is not only an excellent venue to enjoy delicious cuisine, but also to learn about the rich cultural arts of the Arab world. Continuous traditional Arabic music may be heard in the background. The music isn’t obnoxious, and it adds to the relaxing atmosphere of the Dhow without disrupting anyone. Professional artists also provide entertainment in the form of belly dancing and the traditional Tanura dance, both of which are quite remarkable to watch.

Variety of Foods in Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

Families and tourists should also keep in mind how big their group is. Most dhow cruise ships can hold a certain number of people. You can get this information when you make a reservation for the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. At this point, the tourists should also make sure they can, so to speak, stomach what’s on offer. Simply put, if someone is a vegetarian, they should do what they need to do to make sure that the buffet on board meets their needs.

On Dubai’s dhow cruises, family groups are sure to have an experience they will never forget. Families who want to go on a dhow cruise can choose from a number of packages that are easy on the wallet. They should be able to afford the best choice. This is usually a great chance to learn about the warm traditions and hospitality of the Bedouin. Visitors will always remember the smell of traditional Arabic coffee, which is called “kahweh” in the area and is served on dhow cruises.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Live Entertainment

Tourists who want to take it easy and have fun can go on a dhow cruise. Tourists can rent the dhow for private events like weddings and parties. There are companies that offer private party packages for dhow cruises. Most of the time, these packages come with a DJ for hire and an international buffet with a wide range of tasty foods. At these parties, there are often a lot of beautiful belly dancers who are very tempting. On these cruises, tourists can choose from a range of drinks and cocktails.

Take in the Gorgeous View from Dubai Marina

On a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina trip, you can marvel at the city’s ever-changing skyline. Seeing Dubai’s tallest buildings all lit up at night is a sight to see. The enormous stretch of water lapping at the shoreline has a stunning visual effect. The color of the setting sun, along with the blue waves crashing into the white beaches before receding in a white foam, produces a stunning cinematic picture in your head.

The old heritage hamlet along the seafront can potentially serve as a time machine. When you approach the newer sections of the Marina, the difference becomes striking. All of these are aesthetically pleasing, and the dazzling explosions further add to the whole experience.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Events Planning Facilities

When you book with Mala Tours, your requirements are prioritized above everything else. In fact, we encourage our clients to take a businesslike approach while planning their events with us. Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is ideal for this kind of event. The cheap dhow cruise offers are individualized packages that help consumers flawlessly plan events. The following events are suitable for Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, and our skilled event coordinators will assist you in planning them:

  1. Organize Corporate Events.
  2. Team Building Events.
  3. Presentations of New Products Launched.
  4. Celebrations of Achievements in Business or Other Organizations.
  5. Private dinner cruises on the Dubai marina are available for wedding events.
  6. An Evening Aboard a Dhow for the Engagement Party.
  7. Celebrations of a special birthday can be scheduled as private dinner cruises in the Dubai marina at any time that is convenient for the celebrant.

In such case, you should definitely plan a trip aboard a traditional Dhow to Dubai harbor. Mala Tours Dubai can help you plan a cruise that will be a highlight of your vacation.


A Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina is a great way to see all of Dubai’s wonderful sights. Mala Tours Dubai is a travel company that sets up memorable cruises on dhows for its customers. For two hours, you and your loved ones may sip cocktails, dine on delicious food, and take in breathtaking views of Dubai Marina on a traditional Dhow. Make sure to include a dhow boat supper in Dubai Marina if you are planning a vacation to Dubai. This is the one experience in Dubai that you just cannot miss. You can trust that on a Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner, your money will be well spent.