Top 3 Pet-Friendly Cities In California

Top 3 Pet-Friendly Cities In California

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Various cities have different legislations about pets; highly-urbanized many towns in the US are very open to the idea of pets and humans in the same places, hence, pet-friendly establishments and restaurants. However, some cities are not that receptive and do not allow animals inside their buildings, and while justified, you need to look for the best places that can also accommodate the welfare of your pets.

An open area for your dog is not enough when considering a new place in the city. It would be best if you also looked somewhere that could cater to their health and wellness—where you can easily access your pets’ needs like medicine for emergency purposes, bathing, or even luxury items for a relaxing day. Choose a city that’s right for you and your animal companion; here are California’s top pet-friendly cities that provide lots of options to have fun with your pet.

San Diego

First on the list is San Diego. San Diegans are known to pet lovers, hailed as the most pet-friendly city in California, and is ranked as the third most pet-friendly city nationwide (WalletHub,2018). San Diego is a haven for animals, with near-perfect sunny weather and plenty of open areas to play or enjoy a trip with your pets. The next time you want to enjoy some time in the sun with your dog, keep Ocean Beach, Fiesta Island Park, and Del Mar Beach in mind as possible vacation spots. Several fantastic leash-free areas, including two dog parks in Balboa Park. In San Diego, your pup might even be happier than you!

When talking about our pets, we also have to talk about their overall health. San Diego also offers a wide range of services for your animal needs, from pet shops, clinics, and other pet essentials. You can view a list of the top vets In San Diego by Vetster to look for what you need. You can book online appointments and consultations to get quality care like no other.


Another city you can live with your pet is Sacramento. Sacrament boasts a lot of dog-friendly gardens and dog parks. The city is a network of paved, dog-friendly pathways, mainly along the Sacramento and American rivers that pass through it. You and your fur baby can enjoy walks on concrete or along the river to unwind and relax from the fast-paced city life.

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Sacramento is the fifth largest city in California, making it abundant in pet-friendly attractions, like dog parks, hikes, and a semblance of beaches. Additionally, due to the constant mild weather, numerous dog-friendly hotels and restaurants where well-behaved dogs are welcome to join you for meals on the patio.

Los Angeles

Giving your pet a top-notch treatment involves traveling to the City of Angels. Los Angeles in California is one of the most visited cities in the USA, with beautiful weather and lavish lifestyles. Traveling in the States with your dog, you’ll probably pass through this city due to popular attractions and well-known pet-friendly places for tourists and city locals.

Los Angeles houses numerous hotels to cater to its multiple tourists, all of which are ready to pamper your pet’s spa treatments, grooming, treats, and other amenities.

You’ll be happy to learn that Los Angeles restaurants let you take your dog with you. After eating and unwinding, you’re probably going outside to spend some time in nature. It would be best if you took your pet to the dog parks in Laurel Canyon and Lake Hollywood. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Silverlake Dog Park, where your dog can run about without being restrained in a fenced-in public space.