The Myriad Facets of Betting and Gambling from The Perspective of Nigeria

The Myriad Facets of Betting and Gambling from The Perspective of Nigeria

May 25, 2021 Off By Sublaid

Gambling games have always been popular in Nigeria and have been the top choice of entertainment for Nigerian citizens for a decade. In such a large period, it has not lost its charm, on the contrary, the appeal of gambling games has increased gradually with time. But it must be mentioned in this context that all gambling games in Nigeria are not legal, moreover only adults above the age of18 years are legally allowed to play gambling games. To celebrate the long journey of gambling games in Nigeria, today we will explore the rich history of gambling games of Nigeria.

Acceptability of Gambling

Globally, a consensus is universally emerging which is making the domain of gambling immensely popular among the masses and this is what is leading to all nations like Nigeria accepting the various provisions of gambling. The world economy is constantly changing and one needs to stay ahead of others. That is why there is an increased number of followers who indulge in gambling from the nation of Nigeria. The basic goal is to improve and enhance the material prospects, as money is something that is desired universally.

History of Gambling in Nigeria 

Although there were numerous land casinos, lotteries, betting pools, slots, etc. In Nigeria, but initially, these were not extensively regulated. In the year 1977, The Gaming Machine Prohibition Act was imposed in Nigeria which made the importing and possession of gaming machines illegal in Nigeria for common citizens. But the casinos could possess gaming machines according to the law.

However, gradually gambling business witnessed drastic changes in the industry. With the implementation of new gambling laws in Nigeria like Taxes and Levies Act (1998), Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999), Casino and Gaming Law of Lagos State (2004), and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (2007) gambling in Nigeria became much more regulated legally than what was earlier. Another marked change that was observed in Nigeria due to the enforcement of these laws paved the way for privatization of the gambling sector in Nigeria which was not seen earlier. For more info on the same one should visit the site of 22Bet.

Gambling in Nigeria in the Present Times 

In the present times with the advancement of technology, another major change in the gambling industry was witnessed. A change of interest from offline land casinos to online gambling sites was witnessed among the citizens of Nigeria. This inclination towards online gambling games or mobile gambling led the gambling games to be divided mainly into five types-lottery games, betting games, promotions, slot games, and pool games. These are the main gambling games that are legal in Nigeria and can be played online. For more info on online gambling games in Nigeria, one should visit the site of 22Bet.

Gambling Regulations in Nigeria 

Chapter 22 of the Criminal Code Act (1999) according to Nigerian law specifies the gambling games which are legal to play in the country and the illegal gambling games. The gambling games which are legal in Nigeria are lottery games, slot games, racing games, betting games, pool games, and some specified casino games. But sadly, some of the most exciting gambling games are illegal in Nigeria. These illegal gambling games are Blackjack and Roulette and other games which are based on chance and not on skill.


Thus we have explored through this article the details about the history of gambling games in Nigeria. We have also discussed the legal aspects governing gambling games in Nigeria. Hope this will be a helpful guide for all who are interested to know the history of gambling in different countries.