Singapore Must See List for Kids

Singapore Must See List for Kids

September 28, 2022 Off By Sublaid

With its warm weather throughout the year, great family-friendly restaurants, and incredible family-friendly attractions, Singapore is probably the best city in the world for families. We still have fantastic indoor play areas where we can spend time with our kids even when the awful haze strikes. All of that, not to mention Singapore’s top tourist attractions and exciting new family-friendly activities! We don’t want you to lose valuable time trying to figure out what to do because we are so happy to call Singapore home. Therefore, we’ve carefully selected 52 family-friendly activities, attractions, and places for you to enjoy with your children in Singapore. Let’s get to work since there is so much to do and there is no time to spend.

Singapore Night Safari

The first nocturnal wildlife park in the world, Singapore Night Safari, is one of the most well-liked outings for families. 100 species from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas can be seen by taking a tram trip across the 35 acre park. The park raises endangered species like lions, Asian elephants, and Malayan tigers. One of the most exciting things to do in Singapore with kids would be to participate in this distinctive Singapore night safari adventure. With this excursion, you can visit the first nocturnal zoo in the world and investigate the world of wild animals in the dead of night. You and your children can see 2,500 creatures in all, 120 of which are nocturnal species, in the park while on the Singapore Night Safari.

River Safari

Visit Asia’s only river-themed animal park with your children for the most engaging experience in Singapore. Known across the world, Singapore’s river safari experience is a favourite among tourists of all ages. There are about 300 different species of animals in the par. on an excursion down a river where you might see some unusual animals including pandas, piranhas, and jaguars. We can guarantee that your children will enjoy every minute of their river safari trip. River Wonders Singapore, a wildlife park with a river theme that is a component of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, is the aquatic brother of the Singapore Zoo. You can get up close and personal with fascinating creatures including huge salamanders, giant freshwater stingrays, and Mekong giant catfish, as well as giant river otters, manatees, alligators, capybaras, and beavers during river safari

Gardens by the Bay

Garden By the Bay, one of Singapore’s most well-known tourist destinations, is a striking illustration of what an ideal fusion of nature and architecture looks like. This nature park, which spans over 101 hectares of land, is a delight for people of all ages and interests. You and your children will have plenty of room to relax while marvelling at the architectural wonder that is this park. Your kids will enjoy the waterfront gardens, futuristic buildings, and greenhouses there. They will spend a fun-filled day in the Fish Fountain and Waterplay sections. One of Singapore’s most recognisable landmarks is Gardens by the Bay, which embodies the ideal fusion of nature and contemporary architecture. This nature park, which covers 101 acres of land, is wonderful for family outings, especially if you have young children. One of the best things to do in Singapore is to visit this amazing garden, which offers a variety of opportunities for you and your family to explore, take pleasure in, and relax. 

S.E.A. Aquarium

If you want to explore the underwater world of Singapore without having to dive or snorkel, a visit to this aquarium is one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids. No other place can match the kind of experience S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore delivers. An ideal place to visit with family, S.E.A. Aquarium is a large aquarium putting on display over 1,000 marine species. The entire aquarium is divided into 50 different habitats. Each one has its own surprises waiting to reveal.  One of the greatest things to do in Singapore with kids is to visit this aquarium if you want to see Singapore’s aquatic environment without having to dive or snorkel. The kind of experience offered by Singapore’s S.E.A. Aquarium is unmatched.

S.E.A. Aquarium is a sizable aquarium with over 1,000 marine species on display, making it a great destination for family outings. There are 50 different habitats spread over the entire aquarium. Every one of them is hiding some surprises.

50 Best Things To Do In Singapore With Kids

Adventure Cove

If the heat of the city is ruining your fun, remember that one of the best things to do in Singapore with kids is to spend a day at Adventure Cove Water Park. The thrilling adventures in the chilly water here will end up being the highlight of your trip to Singapore, and your kids will find them just as alluring. Adventure Cove, one of the most popular water parks in the nation, is a great option for a family day out because it is made to accommodate visitors of all ages. The park offers a wide range of attractions, but you can also explore the abundant marine life nearby. One of the nicest things to do at Adventure Cove Water Park is to swim with aquatic life. It contains reefs and a lot of colourful water slides. You can interact with marine life up close by swimming with it, diving to have a better look at it, playing with dolphins, and swimming with sharks. 

Dolphin Island

Observing the adorable dolphins frolic at Dolphin Island is another of the fun things to do in Singapore with kids. You can take a tour to the island where you can gawk at the dolphins once you get at Sentosa Island. You get to enjoy staring at them as they plunge into the water and surface again. Make sure to bring your camera so you may snap stunning shots! If you want to swim with the dolphins, which are the cutest sea animals we’ve ever encountered, go to the Dolphin Islands. At Dolphin Island, you and your family can take a tour to see the dolphins and get some incredible photos with them. It will be a lovely experience. Swim alongside them by diving into the water. Dolphin island, one of Singapore’s must-see locations, draws a sizable number of tourists each year and offers fantastic family-friendly experiences.