North Cape Adventure-Benji Europe Bike Tour-

North Cape Adventure-Benji Europe Bike Tour-

August 22, 2022 Off By Sublaid

What a fantastic tour! Norway is so much more scenic than I imagined!! Many twisty and well-maintained roads, beautiful fjords and villages, mountains and waterfalls and yes…even Trolls. We had a large group that was truly international from countries like Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, UK and USA. Some wonderful friendships were made and lasting memories too! I want to especially thank our tour guides Karen, Mike, and Ursula,  for taking care of us and making this tour so enjoyable. I look forward to my next Benji adventure.

A large group of 20 guests all made it to Ålesund in time. This morning the group started off in some typical west coast summertime conditions – grey skies and a bit moist. But i doesn’t really matter as the scenery is fabulous anyway. Angela led a tail of 17 bikes from Ålesund, along fjords and overpasses. Today’s ride was much about Trolls as both the famous Troll ladder was ridden, and the Troll wall was viewed.


The Trollstigen


The famous motorcycle Lady troll


Not only Norway has trolls – it looks like there are some Edelweiss trolls out there, too



We made it safely into our first hotel on route





What a gloriuos trip it was!