Mallorca Guide: What Is The Best On The Island

Mallorca Guide: What Is The Best On The Island

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One of the largest islands of Spain and the Balearic Islands. This is Mallorca, which is pronounced “Majorca” in Catalan. The island, located about 200 kilometers from Valencia, is a major tourist destination for many travelers, more than twelve millions of whom visit the island every year.

A Little History Of Mallorca’s Name

The name of the island comes from an old Latin phrase ‘insula maior’ that means ‘larger island’, as Mallorca is the largest island in all of Spain. Gradually the phrase was mispronounced, and the island became known as Mallorca. The British often call the island Majorca, whilst everyone else calls it Mallorca – there appears to be no reason for this other than the British love of the letter J rather than L!

3 Interesting Facts About Mallorca Geography

Mallorca has something to surprise you! Here are a few things you didn’t know:


Many spectacular cave systems await you on the island, the most famous of which is the Cuevas del Drach in Porto Cristo. The mysterious caves hide Europe’s largest underground lake and one of the largest ever. Tours will take you through different areas to explore the incredible stalactite formations.

2. Mallorca Produces Award-Winning Wines

The people of Mallorca have been growing grapes for centuries. Local wines have been particularly popular with the royal court on the Spanish mainland. After aphids wiped out the vines in the late 19th century, farmers had to find another source of income. Most of the vineyards were replaced by almond groves. Today, however, Mallorca’s wine industry is once again thriving. Wine tours are a popular holiday activity here. Visit one of the oldest vineyards called Bodega Ribas.

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3. Mountains Of Sand Disappear From Es Trenc Beach Every Year

Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most famous beaches, thanks to its untamed nature. Two kilometers of white sand and clear turquoise water make it one of the most popular spots on the island. Although it is not attached to any resort and is relatively remote from everywhere, it can offer visitors cozy restaurants and supervision by experienced lifeguards. Over 500,000 people visit the beach each year and unknowingly take away a considerable amount of sand hidden in their towels and swimsuits.

Specifics of Mallorca food

The island of Mallorca is self-sufficient in many ways, which, incidentally, is also reflected in its gastronomy. It is based on ingredients that are available on and around the island. These include fish, pork, chicken and lamb, vegetables, fruit, but also excellent olive oil and various spices.

Traditional starters are pickled fish, olives, snails, Mallorian sausages and pates. Always in small portions, like appetizers. A typical starter is bread with Pa amb oli olive oil. As for soups, apart from the cold tomato soup called Gazpacho, you can also taste thick broths with lots of ingredients called Sopas Mallorquinas.

And what to expect in terms of main courses? Try stewed vegetables with roasted tripe called Frit Mallorquí, fried peppers, courgettes and aubergines in tomato sauce Tumbet and cabbage roll with pork loin amb col. A unique Mallorcan speciality is black pig sausages with delicious spices. These are aptly called Sobrassada de Mallorca de Porc Negre. For a sweet ending, you can have a salty Coca de Trempó cake.

In the capital of Palma de Mallorca, you can visit, for example, the luxurious Adriín Quetglas, Fera Restaurant & Bar, as well as the purely traditional cuisine of I´ambigú, Celler Pagés and Cafe Ca´n Toni.

The Best time to visit Mallorca

Planning a visit to Mallorca? The best time to visit this island is from June until September. During this time of year, you have long summer days and good weather. Do you prefer fewer tourists? Visit Majorca early in May or in October. The weather will be a little colder but still very nice for hiking/cycling activities.