Links 101: Types of Link Building

Links 101: Types of Link Building

June 6, 2022 Off By Sublaid

Did you know that leads from SEO are eight times more likely to become paying customers than those generated through traditional ad campaigns? If SEO isn’t part of your marketing plan, change that now!

A great strategy for implementing SEO into your website marketing is link building. Not only is it affordable, but you receive organic visitors.

To use link building strategies, you need to know the different types of link building. Keep reading to learn them.

Inbound Links (Backlinks)

Inbound links, or backlinks, are incoming hyperlinks from other websites to yours. Backlinks are one of the most important factors when it comes to Google rankings.

Trying to get as many inbound links as possible is not a great approach to ranking on search engines. Instead, you should focus on the quality of backlinks.

There are a few different ways to get the best backlinks:

Create Valuable Content

One of the best link building strategies is to create valuable content. Although it may take longer to get your links shared this way, you’ll receive organic link building in the long run.

Find Linking Websites

You can complete your own search for good linking candidates and ask them to link to your site. Check your competitors to see what sites link to theirs.

You can begin with local link building and work your way up from there. Reach out to the site owners and influencers in your industry to see if they will link to your site.

Remove Bad Links

In any link building strategy, you should have a plan to find and remove bad links. Other sites don’t have to ask to link to your site so you might get noncredible links that can hurt your rankings.

Regularly check links and contact the website source if you find any. You can also use tools to ask search engines to not take bad links into account.

Outbound Links

Another one of the types of link building, outbound links, are links from your website to other sites and can also improve search rankings.

If there are places on your site where an outbound link would be beneficial to your visitors, place a credible one. This can help users gain more insight into an in-depth content piece.

Creating outbound links will benefit visitors and boost the authority of your site.

Internal Links

Internal links are links that go to other pages on your website. This will help users find related content on your site and keep them there longer.

Internal links provide search engines with a map of your site architecture. It will show search engines how your site is related and note the most important pages you have.

Blog posts are a great place to find opportunities to link relevant content on your site.

Types of Link Building to Know

Knowing the different types of link building can help businesses understand how their website is being perceived on search engines.

Although inbound links/backlinks are the most important links for search engine ranking purposes, outbound links and internal links are beneficial too.

Link building not only helps with search rankings but can help your customers gain better insights into different topics and your services. Start using these strategies now to help with SEO.

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