How Italians Make Coffee?

August 28, 2020 Off By Sublaid

Hello friends, I’ve thought long about what to devote my first article to and decided that it would be nice to talk about such a pearl of Italy, as coffee.

First of all, I would like to mention that coffee is not from Brazil, as many people think, but from Ethiopia, which was a colony of Italy for many years.

The two main coffee varieties are Robusta, translated as a powerful strong strong and Arabica by its name, it is clear that it comes from the Arabian Peninsula. Depending on the percentage ratio of one variety with another, different types of coffee are obtained. In addition, the taste of coffee is influenced by grinding, mainly in Italy it is a medium or coarse grind, and the same degree of roasting.

How Italians make coffee

How do Italians make coffee? And they make it at home with the espresso machine, it is a coffee machine like mocha, the first such coffee machine was invented by someone Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and it became widespread.

If we are talking about canonical coffee preparation, the best way to make coffee is to use the espresso machine, under enormous pressure steam passes through a layer of ground coffee and quite quickly we have a cup of oily hot coffee.

Why were such espresso machines invented? Because when the Italians also had a lunch break, the bar owners wanted to serve as many visitors as possible, and there were not enough hands. The new invention has corrected such an unfair situation.

Types of Italian coffee

Espresso coffee is a classic of the Italian genre. Many people think that it sounds like an expresso, from the word expresso, supposedly from the fast preparation. But rather it is coffee made under great pressure, that is the name from the word “pressione” – press. Espresso is a rich coffee with a rich taste and bright aroma.

There is also such a type of coffee as Lungo. A little more water is added to a classic espresso. This makes it longer to spend time with a cup of coffee, and the derivative of the word “lungo” is longer.

It is also an interesting type of coffee-coretto, that is, somewhat corrected. Perhaps a couple of drops of grappa or some liqueur.

Known to all Americans – in fact, it is already a derivative of Lungo coffee. Contains a large amount of water often even cold or room temperature

Coffee macchiato from the word “macchia” is spotty. In fact, it is an espresso in which a small amount of foamed milk is added, literally put a small spot of milk on the surface of the coffee.

Coffee Latte from the Italian word “Latte” – milk. Coffee with a high milk content, or rather, to begin with, foam the milk, and then add a thin stream of espresso.