Every Visitor’s Dream Bucket List In Reno

Every Visitor’s Dream Bucket List In Reno

July 6, 2021 Off By Sublaid

There are a lot of people in this world who are travel addicts and simply love adventure. Their goal in life is to get out of their comfort zones and push the limit. On the other side, there are people who would simply love to stay in a luxury hotel in Reno and explore the city at their own pace. For a lot of individuals, the city is simply a childhood memory full of the aroma of pine sap, hot sand that felt like lava and the cool, majestic waters of Lake Tahoe.

It was not until they saw a billboard in Seattle of Reno local Breeze Turner paddle boarding on that majestic lake they so fondly remembered that they decided it was time to revisit and breathe deep that air with the scent of pine.

Catch a wave in Downtown Reno

Yes, you read that right!

Truckee River can be surfed in the middle of Downtown Reno. If that is not the thing, there is bound to be other brave souls nearby willing to take it on – so sit back and watch. Keep on traveling around the Riverwalk through Downtown and gab a coffee at Hub Coffee Roasters or a pint at the Sierra Taphouse. No matter what you make your mind up for, not only is surfing the river bucket list item, but it comes with a few serious bragging rights.

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Mountain Bike the Flume Trail

While enjoying a comfortable stay in a motel in Downtown Reno, it is time to take your comfort zone to new heights. The Flume Trail is a moderate fourteen mile ride and offers the most excellent views of the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe on the east coast. It does ride on the brink of a vertical drop off, so be cautioned if you’re scared of heights.

However, as the Reno Tahoe saying goes, “No Guts. No Story”. Rent a bike from Tunnel Creek Café and take their shuttle up to Spooner Summit to start your ride. Once you are done, take pleasure in a cold one in the café. After all, you earned it!

Loosen up in the Sun at 6200’

After a long morning of traveling around Downtown Reno or biking the Flume Trail, it is definitely time to relax along the shores of North Lake Tahoe. Chimney Beach, Sand Harbor, and Bonsai Rock are all situated on the east shore along Hwy 28 and offer the most remarkable panoramas – ideal for a lazy afternoon of stretching out in the sun and cooling off with a dip in refreshing water.

Experience the sun rise over Emerald Bay

If there’s one thing on the bucket list you need to mark off, it is seeing the sunrise over Emerald bay. One of the most renowned and photographed places on earth, this place is breathtaking at any time of the day. However, having the view to yourself is an added bonus of reaching before time.

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