Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

June 2, 2021 Off By Sublaid

Dubai is the most thickly populated city of UAE. Established in the 18th century,  it was  a small fishing village at first but rapidly grew into a cosmopolitan. It focused on tourism and hospitality which became its main sources of income. And today Dubai has become the biggest tourist attraction with the biggest five star hotels and the tallest building in the world. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf it’s the biggest transport hub worldwide, for passengers and cargo. The city has shown great development at a rapid pace due to the income from the oil reserves. Dubai’s landscape mostly consists of deserts which offer one of the biggest tourist attraction of Dubai, the famous Dubai Desert Safari.

This famous Desert Safari is a four hour long drive through the huge mounds of sand known as ‘Dune Bashing’. The starting time of the safari is 7 or 9 am and you will be driven in a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser. Your first stop is the Lahbab Red Dune desert which is about an hour out of Dubai. After the Dune Bashing’ Sand Boarding’ you will be taken to the Al-Khayma Camp where you will be entertained by a belly dancer during dinner.

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Another great thing about this desert safari Dubai is that you can go on this safari in the time of the day that suits you, the facility is available throughout the day. At the camp you can choose from the many activities going on. The entertainment programmes that you can enjoy during your safari, are the best as compared with the rest of the world

Though there is no age limit and people of all ages can explore the sand dunes in the Dubai Desert Safari yet its advisable that we do not take children under five years of age. It’s better to refrain from all sorts of illegal activities to avoid any serious consequences and to enjoy our stay better.

The clothes that we wear during the Dubai safari desert should be neutral, means they should be of such a material which could be easily worn in both hot and cold temperatures and lots of dust. Because the noon in the desert, when the sun is blazing, is really hot but when the sun goes down it is freezing cold.

Dubai Desert Safari is indeed one of the greatest attractions in the Arabian Desert. Here, in the camp, the set-up and atmosphere is such that you will get the true feel and excitement of the Arab life. On the safari you will be escorted by trained and experienced guides who would take you over the tops of the many sand dunes.

There are Three Types of Desert Safari Tours:

Morning Desert Safari: This Dubai Desert Safari is for those people who are short of time or are not interested in dinner and camping, can choose the option of the Morning Safari. Especially those families who have small children with them would prefer to go in the mornings and avoid the harsh temperatures of the evening. And sometimes there are many people who have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to plan for the evening safari. The desert safari will take you on a 20 minutes exciting drive over the sand dunes and then they take you to the camp where there are many exciting activities, like sand skiing, camel rides and quad bikes.

Evening Desert Safari: This Dubai Desert Safari is something that is not to be missed because if you are planning to visit Dubai it’s a must do activity. The fun and activity of the evening desert safari is something not to be missed at any cost as these memories can be treasured for life. At the start of the safari they take you to a camel farm where you get a chance to experience the sunset in the desert, go on the camel ride or enjoy sandboarding. There is some fun activity for everyone, the ladies will get a chance to get beautiful henna designs on their hands and feet. And while feasting your taste buds with the delicious barbecue and smoking shisha you can enjoy the performance of the belly dancer.

Overnight Desert Safari:

This is something for the true adventure lovers, exploring the Arabian Desert in the night sky when it’s quiet everywhere. And here you will get a chance to get some of the best shots of your life, nature will be at its best. The memories of the sunrise in the sandy desert of Dubai, the sand particles twinkling as the rays of the sun fall on them, is something never to be forgotten. And back at the camp there are so many fun-activities where you can try out henna designs or traditional costumes or if interested you can go on camel rides. Then after dinner you can sit outside and enjoy the calm night or if interested you can enjoy the belly dance performance. And this convenience of having the safari tours in three different parts of the day, has been only arranged by the Dubai Desert Safari.
So from a small fishing and pearl diving village, has risen the Dubai of today. A bustling, populous metropolitan that has many five-star hotels and the tallest building in the world. In addition its tourism has played a great role in its progress with Dubai Desert Safari being the biggest means of attracting tourism.