Best Crypto Alert Apps & Services

Best Crypto Alert Apps & Services

May 19, 2022 Off By Sublaid
  • Crypto alert apps can be extremely profitable tools if you’re into crypto trading and want to make the most of your investments.
  • You may change your push notification settings at any moment to turn them off or personalize them to your liking.
  • We’ve compiled a list of the best crypto notification applications for you to keep track of and manage your investments.

Why Do you Need a Cryptocurrency Price Alert App?

If you want to easily manage your investments and save yourself some time, using a cryptocurrency price alert app is essential.

These services can provide you with the tools you need to follow potential losses to gain regarding your choice of cryptocurrency.

Moreover, if you want to invest in more than one cryptocurrency, having an app where you can keep track of each one will definitely be worth of your time.

You can also set up price alerts for each one so you’ll always be one step ahead, helping you become a successful trader.

A cryptocurrency alert app will send you notifications every time there’s a notable change happening in the financial market, and with it, you can protect your investments from any potential losses due to unexpected price changes.

If you think such an application could be helpful, then you have to read our list of the best crypto alerts that can be used on a Windows device.

1. Cryptocurrency Alerting

Cryptocurrency Alerting is one of the trusted resources for thousands of traders, blockchain developers, businesses, and crypto-enthusiasts.

This alerting platform is focused on monitoring the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency space. It tracks wallet transactions, exchange listings, and other on-chain metrics. You can customize alerts that are actively monitored 24/7.

You will be notified when a new coin is listed on an exchange in 9 different ways. You just have to choose one of these alert options: Telegram, Discord, Slack bots, SMS, Email, and many others.

You can create as many alerts as the membership plan allows you. For example, the Hobby plan allows up to 3 active alerts at any given time, while the Trader plan gives up to 20, and Pro allows you to have 120.

Using this app you can automatically track the activity of a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, and also the ETH gas price getting notified when it’s the right time to send a transaction.

The most important is that the platform is highly secured. All web traffic is encrypted through HTTPS/SSL.

As a best practice, we suggest you always use a different email address and phone number than the ones you have for other important accounts.

In order to keep it up with the market, you get powerful crypto alerts for price, coin listing, and wallet, but under a flexible notification platform.

You can rest assured that for automated and protected investments you get real-time customizable alerts.

2. ZuluTrade


The ZuluTrade trading platform currently provides trading for stocks, forex, binary options, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

With a classic account, you also get access to a calendar to gain access to all key events for the financial markets around the globe.

ZuluScript is mainly used to create scripts that form the parameters for trading bots; it gives you trade automation, allowing you to execute far more trades than you ever could manually.

There’s no need to worry about your account balance, thanks to Margin Call-o-Meter which estimates the chance your account will run out of money. You’ll get notifications by email or automatically execute actions when events occur with a tool called Automator to minimize risk and free up time.

Troubled about your safety and security? Not the case with ZuluGuard. It’s a unique feature that protects Copy Traders if erratic trades are opened by traders they are following.

In addition, over 100.000 strategies and systems to follow and copy automatically, without having to monitor the market 24/7 due to the Portfolio Stimulator.

In terms of cryptocurrencies, ZuluTrade offers you the opportunity to AutoTrade the most sought-after currencies of the market: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin.

The ZuluTrade mobile crypto notification app is compatible with Andoird and iOS platforms and offers you the same features as the web app.

3. CoinMarketAlert 


CoinMarketAlert is similar to Coinwink in the sense that they are both websites. There is also the fact that CoinMarketAlert can be used to send you notific99ations via email.

The idea is also fairly the same, once a coin hits a threshold you will receive an alert. You can choose to track a wide range of crypto coins and see their prices in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

If you are not a fan of receiving alerts through email, then you can choose to receive them in your Telegram account, or through push notifications and webhook.

There are several other tools on this website related to crypto coin trading that you can make use of. CoinMarketAlert may not be as user-friendly as Coinwink, but it certainly has more features.

With features like price alert and timely signals, this project has raised its income several times over and at an exponential speed as a crypto price alert app.

Best staking project of its kind, this is a platform that has kept its promise to globalize the Universe through Blockchain innovation.

One such feature that is especially interesting is cryptocurrency news. Using the CoinMarketAlert website will give you quick access to recent articles all based on the crypto coin market. There’s also a list of the latest ICOs that you can make use of.

Best Crypto copy Trading Platforms to Use for Profit:

Following copy trading crypto platforms use for profit:

1. eToro Trade Copy Feature:

EToro social trading is very popular with beginners looking to get started with the copy trading feature. EToro deals with various markets including cryptocurrencies and the first thing you need to do target an account here.

Once your account is activated, in your dashboard select “Copy People” and select “Crypto” under the “Who Invests In” tab. See the screenshot below for a better understanding:

There are various filters to help you find a merchant you can copy. My recommendation is to look for a trader that offers consistent returns over a long period of time, say 12 months.

Hovering over any profile will give you more details about the traders, and this is helpful in understanding the trading style of a specific trader.

Additionally, you can click on any profile to view its detailed statistics including performance over time, your existing portfolio. Once you have found the trader you want to copy, simply click copy and you will be prompted to add the funds.

Note that there is a feature called “Stop Copy” which is similar to the “Stop Loss” feature and helps save you when something goes wrong.

Once everything has gone well, go ahead and deposit the funds. You can fund eToro through various methods, including PayPal.

With expected valuations of $10.4 billion and the company soon to go public via a blank check company, eToro is an ideal choice for any new investor looking to leverage social trading for additional profit.

2. PrimeXBT coverage:

Covesting is a social trading platform that is not directly integrated with PrimeXBT, which is another upcoming exchange. This union helps you enjoy the power of social trading within the PrimeXBT exchange. PrimeXBT also offers a trading terminal that you can use to conduct transactions other than social transactions.

Just like eToro, PrimeXBT allows you to trade Bitcoin, S&P 500, Gold, EURUSD, and more than 50 other resources. With the Covesting social trading feature, you can choose from the best performing strategies and automatically copy your trading activity to get the same returns. And if you are an experienced trader, you can earn up to 20% of all profits made by your followers.

Getting started with PrimeXBT’s Covering feature is simple and here’s how to proceed:

  • Create an account on PrimeXBT (KYC is not required at the time of writing)
  • Fund your account using any of the accepted cryptocurrencies. (USDT, ETH, BTC, USDC, COV). My suggestion is to use BTC as most of the copy traders use BTC as a funding mechanism.
  • Select Covesting from the top menu bar and use the filters to find an ideal trader to copy.

You can click on any name to see more statistics on their profile. Here you will find all the information you need to choose a professional trader, such as performance statistics, manager capital (the amount of money the trader has invested), follower capital, win rate, trader description, and profit distribution.

Once you have found a trader you want to copy, click next and enter the amount you want to start copying.

  • Note: You can use the COV token to reduce membership fees.
  • Note: We inform you that following a strategy that uses the Covesting module carries the risk of capital loss. Following a strategy could result in a partial or total loss of your funds, therefore you should not trade with funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Overall, the PrimeXBT Covesting platform is one of the best social trading platforms out there and something you might want to start with.

3. Shrimp Social Trading:

Shrimpy is an automated tool to manage your portfolio and also offers a very popular social trading feature. You can automatically copy the best crypto traders using Shrimpy. I talked about Shrimpy before in my previous Shrimpy review here.

Shrimpy offers both free copy trading and premium copy trading. Leader Bonus fees are additional fees charged for following a leader. Each leader can charge these additional fees to follow one of her portfolios from her. Shrimpy charges the main premium rates on a monthly basis. The two different fee leaders can charge include “Performance Fees” and “Assets under Management Fees.”

Shrimpy is available as a subscription model and the cheapest plan is just $19 a month.

What I like about Shrimpy is its social aspect. The leaders here are more open to communication and many of them maintain the business journal which offers more transparency to their operations.

Shrimpy is a social cryptocurrency trading platform and allows you to copy trades from top traders on the following exchanges:

And some other cryptocurrency exchanges.

To use Shrimp’s social trading feature, you need to link your favorite exchange to Shrimpy using the API feature. If you have never done this before, please watch the video below to understand how to generate the API key for Binance and then connect to Shrimpy or similar platforms.

Once you’ve linked your exchange to Shrimpy, go to the social feature. Filter leaders based on the exchange and their performance.

You can click on any of the leaders to see more details about their strategy, performance, assignments, and other vital details that would help you choose the right leader to copy for social trading.

Once you’ve found a trustworthy leader to follow, click Follow Leader and allocate a portion of the fund to start copying.