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When it comes to hiking in the wilderness, there’s no quick fix that will make you perform better or hike longer. Whether you are trekking to your next rock climbing adventure, or just scouting out the area for an upcoming excursion, you want to make sure that you are prepared both physically and mentally. Still, proper technique and a strong commitment is always a good start when it comes to performing better. This is typically where new or beginner adventure hikers need assistance to become more proficient.

With That In Mind, We Are Going To Share Some Of Our Favourite Tips For Adventure Hikers Which Will Help Them Become Better And More Effective In The Great Outdoors:

Use Common Sense- before heading out for your first hike of the season, you need to evaluate your situation. Check your route, the weather, and your hiking gear. When you are running on an unfamiliar path, it is important to take your time. Watch for roots and other hidden obstacles along the trail and only explore a new route when it’s bright and the weather is clear.

Be Visible- when hiking in the wilderness, make sure that you make yourself visible to others, especially hunters. Wear bright-coloured clothes. When you’re hiking at dusk, night, or early morning, you should always something reflective such as your backpack or gear bag.

Be Consistent- if you want to improve your overall endurance and aerobic capacity for longer hikes and rock climbing sessions, it is important to train consistently. Each week, you should aim for at least 3 hiking sessions of at least an hour each. Once you get accustomed to this new habit, you can increase the duration and frequency.

Hike Longer- after five running sessions, you can add 5 to 10 minutes or 0.5 to 1K. This may seem like a modest increase, but in a few months, you will be hiking much longer and farther. Make sure that your progress adds up. It’s better to do this in a sustainable and slow pace, so you can ensure gradual improvement.

Eat Right- you need to prepare plenty of fuel for each hiking or rock climbing session. About 60% of your calorie intake should be from complex carbs that are released gradually. Be aware that simple carbs only give you a quick jolt of energy and they won’t sustain you longer. Nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, or whole grains offer the ideal type of carbs for your body. Protein and fats should be obtained mostly from lean meat, such as chicken or fish.

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