A Guide to Expressing Yourself in School

A Guide to Expressing Yourself in School

April 7, 2023 Off By Sublaid

The school is one of the places where you will have to express yourself and show your personality. You bring your graffiti utility backpack with you and be who you are in front of your friends and classmates. But sometimes, showing your true self can be tricky in school. You are not sure of what you can and cannot do. Here are creative ways to express yourself in school.

How Can You Express Yourself in School?

Use Items That You Love

Even if you are in school, you do not have to use the items that your classmate uses. The teenage years are the best years to find who you are and express your thoughts. One way to do this is by using the items that you like. If you want to use a graffiti utility backpack in school, go ahead and bring one to school. If you like your hair to be cut in a specific way, try it out. Just make sure that you are still compliant with the school rules and regulations. Your expression does not have to automatically mean defiance. It is about doing what you want under the authority that you are presented with.

Join Clubs

Another way to express yourself in school is by joining clubs. You will find different clubs offered in school which cater to different likes and interests. You will find clubs that train and enhance your photography skills. There are clubs for dancers. You will find clubs that are made for singers. If you have a particular skill that you want to share with others, joining clubs is a great way to do to express yourself.

Join Sports

If you like sports and you are great at them, you should seriously consider joining a team in your school. You can go to the basketball, football, or hockey coach and try out for the team. You will find lots of opportunities to express yourself in the sport that you become part of. You will develop your skills and be better at what you are doing. You will also have friends in the process. You will also find individual sports in your school. Your university may have track and field, swimming, diving, and weightlifting. Just try out these kinds of sports and see if you have a knack for doing them. Just be sure that you are doing it not just to please others but because you are enjoying yourself in the whole process of training and competing with other schools.

Write Blogs Or Do Vlogs

If you like documenting your daily life, you might as well document your days in school through blogs and vlogs. You can definitely express yourself through the articles and the videos that you make. You can give your thoughts about specific topics in your life and the events of a teenager. And you should have fun doing it.

Blogs are usually created by those who love writing. Vlogs are those who can express themselves by shooting videos. Find your niche and create content for yourself and for other people to appreciate as well.



Expressing yourself in school can be a liberating habit that you can do. You do not have to perform in front of anyone. You do not have to be someone that you are not. But it is all about managing what you show to others. You cannot truly show everything that you are in school. But you can give people a glimpse of the real person in you. Be sure to consider the recommendations listed above and try them out for yourself. And do not forget to enjoy the whole experience as you carry your graffiti utility backpack with you.