Energy-Efficient Window Designs

7 Energy-Efficient Window Designs for Your Airbnb Home

February 16, 2023 Off By Sublaid

Windows are agents of your home’s design that provide multiple, substantial purposes. It can improve the overall aesthetics, introduce more natural light, make a room appear more prominent, and even impact energy efficiency. Suppose you’re looking to make your Airbnb property in Tennessee more attractive and efficient at your disposal. In that case, you should consider investing in energy-efficient window designs.

Multiple designs offer superior energy efficiency, and this blog post will tackle each. Read on!

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Here are 7 great window designs that will help save money on heating and cooling while also improving the look of your Airbnb home:

#1. Double-Pane

These windows are commonly composed of two glass panes, structurally isolated by a space that is air-filled. This allows for more excellent insulation that increases your home’s energy efficiency, as it keeps heat from escaping or entering the house, providing more control over temperature without losing visibility.

Also, double-pane windows improve soundproofing and thermal insulation while avoiding condensation buildup on interior surfaces.

#2. Casement

Casement windows provide a traditional look while providing ample air circulation to keep your home comfortable. They are generally hinged and can be opened outward, allowing you to adjust the level of ventilation easily. This type of window is great for areas prone to high humidity levels and helps reduce energy costs by trapping cold or warm air inside when closed.

These windows also go with just about any architectural property design, making them great for all types of Airbnb homes.

#3. Fixed

Fixed windows are perfect for increasing the amount of natural light in your home and making the area appear larger without sacrificing energy efficiency. They are composed of one single pane, which prevents air from entering or escaping but allows plenty of sunlight to pass through at once. This can be ideal for those looking to increase visibility but still achieve energy efficiency.

These windows don’t require the same maintenance as other window designs, making them great for Airbnb hosts who want something that looks good and is hassle-free.

#4. Awning

Awning window designs are hinged securely at the topmost part of the frame and open outwards, producing an awning-like structure, therefore the name. This style allows one to easily adjust the amount of air circulation in your home without compromising energy efficiency. Additionally, this style is great for smaller spaces as it takes up minimal space when opened.

Awning windows also have easy-to-use handles and locks, making them perfect for your Tennessee Airbnb home!

#5. Sliding

This type of window is composed of two or more sections that slide on tracks horizontally, allowing you to easily adjust the number of openings in the room. These window designs are great for providing natural lighting and ventilation without sacrificing energy costs. Moreover, sliding windows come with a secure lock system, making them perfect for Airbnb hosts in terms of their functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

#6. Louvered

Louvered windows are composed of multiple panels that can be adjusted to control the amount of air introduced into a living space. This design allows for superior ventilation, temperature control, and improved security. This energy-efficient window design is ideal for those who want more control over their home’s interior condition without jeopardizing efficiency and interior design.

#7. Hopper

Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward, making them great for areas with limited space. This window design also provides needed air circulation while preventing air from entering or escaping your home. Moreover, this type of window often comes with a locking mechanism off the top that makes it perfect for Airbnb hosts in terms of security.

What’s the most efficient window frame material?

The most efficient window frame material for keeping your heating and cooling costs down is vinyl. Vinyl window frames are designed to be more airtight than traditional frames, which helps keep your home’s interior temperature more consistent and reduces energy bills.

Additionally, vinyl does not corrode or rot like other materials, making it an excellent choice for long-term durability and cost savings. Vinyl frames come in various colors and styles to suit any aesthetic, making them perfect for Airbnb hosts looking for an energy-efficient window frame option.

Let the Pros show you the way!

If you require an energy-efficient window design replacement or installation, window professionals are your best bet. They can provide you with top-notch service and advice tailored to your needs. In addition, professionals are equipped with the right tools and knowledge necessary for properly installing a window design that will last for years to come.

So whether you’re looking to increase energy efficiency in your Airbnb home or simply need an upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact the pros like those inĀ Mighty Dog Roofing in Smyrna, TN. They are the absolute go-to for all your window, siding, and roofing needs.


When it comes to finding the right window design for your Airbnb home in Tennessee, there are several options available. From louvered and hopper windows to awning and sliding styles, each window type provides exceptional energy efficiency and security benefits. As an added benefit, many energy-efficient window designs come with easy-to-use adjustment and locking mechanisms to seal your convenience with the package. Good luck!