6 Fun Party Venues For Adults

6 Fun Party Venues For Adults

April 11, 2020 Off By Sublaid

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion or some other event, choosing the right venue can make or break your party. Consider these six fun venue ideas for your next party.

1. Nightclubs

Many nightclubs are empty during the daytime, so if you are looking for a fun place to host a party during the day, you may be able to find a club for rent. Most nightclubs already have facilities in place for live music, dancing, and serving alcohol and food, which can minimize the expense and hassle associated with renting and setting up equipment. 

2. Private Movie Screening

Venues offering private movie screenings include small theaters and private screening rooms, as well is big-name chain theaters. Depending on the venue, you may be able to arrange an advance screening of a movie that has not been released, or a screening of an older film not currently in theaters. Most theater venues have food and drink service on-site and some even serve alcoholic beverages or deliver food right to your seat. 

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3. Escape Rooms

Renting an Escape Room can be like combining a venue and a party game into one. Escape Rooms allow guests to search for clues and attempt to find their way out of a room in 60 minutes or less. There is always an emergency exit for anyone who might be nervous about being trapped in the room and if you have more than the 8-person maximum per room, you can try putting your guests on teams and compete to see who can escape in the fastest time.

4. Party Yacht

A party yacht combines the fun of renting a party boat with the luxury of a yacht. A yacht party rental can be a relatively small catamaran, suitable for between 2 to 140 guests, all the way up to a superyacht that can host up to 500 guests. Your yacht will be loaded with all the equipment you need to have fun on the water. Foodservice, dance floors, fully stocked bars, and entertainment options are also available. Some yachts even have swimming pools for guests who prefer not to swim in open water. Best of all, your party can double as a cruise, with many fun locations for your guests to explore.

5. Sporting Event

Many college and professional sports teams offer party rooms and suites in their stadiums. Your guests can enjoy in house dining, full bars, and a great view of the game. Some venues may also offer stadium tours and other perks for large groups. 

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6 Parking Lot

A parking lot may not sound like the most exciting place to throw a party, but you can do a lot with the wide-open space a parking lot offers. Bring in some food trucks and a live band and put up a beer tent and you have a recipe for a fun time. 

Being grown-up does not mean you have to settle for the same-old boring dinner parties. Choosing a unique, fun venue for your party can make your party a memorable experience for you and your guests.