5 Links to Transform Your House Staging Efforts

5 Links to Transform Your House Staging Efforts

January 29, 2021 Off By Sublaid

It was once a fad. Now, it’s something which is completely and utterly real.

Ask any real estate agent in the land and the answer is going to remain the same; staging matters. Your home might be mainly attracting first-time buyers, but that doesn’t matter. If it’s staged, it’s going to attract more interest and subsequently, sell quicker and for more money.

Over the past week we have been scouring our inbox and the internet to find various decor techniques to help you achieve this. Here, we present the best five that have come our way.

Real Simple: The Ultimate Guide In Making Your Home Smell Better

One of the ‘classic’ pieces of advice is that nicer smelling homes sell faster. In fact, they don’t have to smell ‘nice’ by the stereotypical scents either. For example, coffee and fresh bread are two scents that always appeal to buyers – even if they’re not a fan of either from a taste perspective.

This link from Real Simple collates some of the best smells and shows how you can implement them in your home.

Avas Flowers: Add More Scent (And Color) To Your Home

Next, we’re going to head over to Avas Flowers, or specifically, this Avas Flowers Pinterest page. There are a couple of reasons why flowers can help your staging efforts.

The first is a follow-on from the first point we made; they smell great. As soon as you bring them into a room, it’s awash with that fresh aroma that does wonders for first impressions.

Next, it’s onto the vibrancy. Sure, not all flowers will fall into this category, but if you can choose some which are oozing with color it can do wonders for your decor attempts.

Good Housekeeping: It Is Possible To Declutter Quickly

As we all know, the news is full to the brim on tips on how to declutter your home. Unfortunately, many of these techniques take months to implement.

This link from Good Housekeeping by no means revolves around shortcuts, but it does provide some time-savvy ideas to get to the bottom of your decluttering efforts and ultimately, make your home feel luxuriously spacious for house hunters.

Family Handyman: How To Paint A Room Fast

Something else which is always at the bottom of the list due to the sheer amount of time it takes is painting. This is where Family Handyman come into play.

They have put together a guide on how to paint a room in record speeds (without going over the edges). It covers everything from fast prep, right the way through to techniques on how to cover the likes of groove textured ceilings.

It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to refresh their home ahead of an upcoming visit.

Elle Decor: How To Decorate With Mirrors

Finally, we all know the power of mirrors. They are something of a secret weapon when it comes to selling your home. Even if your room is bordering on tiny, mirrors can explode the size of it – if they are placed in shrewd locations.

Elle Decor have got to the bottom of such locations through this guide. They show all of the possible options for decorating with mirrors, regardless of your aims. As such, whether you are attempting to make your home look bigger, or just add a spruce of decoration, this is a great guide to start with.

Editors Notes

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