11 Must have Gadgets for bike touring

11 Must have Gadgets for bike touring

April 27, 2023 Off By Sublaid

Are you planning a biking excursion for 2023? Many individuals have questions about the equipment they should carry on a biking tour. Prepare for your tour now by purchasing items such as a solar bike computer, a portable tire inflator, and a rear-view camera.

Whether you’re cycling across America or on your state’s trails, there’s plenty of gear to make your journey simpler and safer. That’s where the greatest bike tour gadgets come in. They’re jam-packed with cutting-edge technology and other amenities that will provide you peace of mind during your journey.

Read on to learn more about various gadgets you can buy for biking tours.

What Are the Gadgets for Bike Touring?

Bike touring gadgets are items that can make your tour efficient and provide security. Bike touring can become easier and safe if you have various gadgets. The equipment you choose is mostly determined by the type of trip you are planning. Quality equipment is an investment that may last a lifetime or at least several years of traveling. Your bike, together with your determination, will be the most vital piece of equipment in realizing your ambitions.

What Are the Benefits of Having Gadgets for Bike Touring?

Although most people think of bike accessories in terms of boosting rider safety, they may also increase a rider’s comfort, make riding more convenient, and even just enhance a rider’s personality and sense of flair while out on their bike.

Gadgets for Biking Tours

look at various gadgets accessible to riders in these categories. By concentrating on the items in each area that are known as the finest in their respective categories for improving your bicycling experience.

  • GPS tracker

Having a GPS tracker during a bike tour is essential. When traveling through densely crowded places, GPS is quite useful. There’s no way you’ll ever be able to afford a thorough map of every city center, so a GPS tracker for bike may save you hours going into and out of the major cities on your trip. When riding on rural trails and back roads, a GPS may be quite useful. They are also useful in case your bike gets stolen.

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  • Mirrors

Most bikers do not use mirrors, but they are essential when riding a bike and going on a long tour. Knowing what’s coming up behind you increases your safety by a factor of two especially when you are touring on a bike. Purchase quality rearview mirrors that match your handlebars.

  • Helmet 

The most critical piece of equipment you can have is a protective bike helmet. It will protect your head in the case of a collision and will assist cool your head owing to the strategically positioned vents when going on a long bike tour. Do not skimp on a helmet; it is perhaps the most important accessory to own!

  • Bike lock

If you want to keep your bike safe during your tour, you’ll need a sturdy bike lock. Choose between the ever-secure u-lock design or an easy-to-use combination cable lock, among other options. A decent bike lock should be on your list of accessories if you respect your hard-earned money and your new bicycle.

  • Bike lights 

Bike traveling is full of surprises, so even if you don’t intend to ride at night, you should always have at least basic bike lights. Consider a dark tunnel or being stuck due to a technical failure – having good bike lights can be life-saving! It can also allow other vehicle users to see you without much trouble.

  • Camera 

When you are touring on a bike, you would want to photograph all the important moments. In this case, carrying a digital camera is the best option. You can also get a small income stream by selling your travel photos online if you want them. 

  • Water bottles 

When riding a bike for an extended period during a trip, you will undoubtedly grow thirsty. Carrying water bottles becomes vital to stay hydrated on the road. Because plastic water bottles tend to smell after a while, insulated water bottles are the way to go for a lengthy journey. Hydration Packs are also popular with certain folks. Another option if traveling to isolated locations is to bring water bottles with built-in filters, which would eliminate the difficulty of obtaining drinking water.

  • Hub dynamo 

Dynamo Hubs are ideal for biking tours. They may use energy from your riding to power your lights and USB gadgets. The best ones have an almost imperceptible drag. There are also many versions from various brands on the market. So, select the one that best meets your requirements.

  • Handlebar bags 

Bikepacking is getting more popular these days. Bikepacking is a method of bicycle transportation that minimizes or eliminates the need for typical panniers. Items are housed in a large frame, handlebar, and seat bag. Most bike tourers think that the saddle bag is the best place to put your most valuable possessions, such as your passport and money.

  • Multitool and repair kit 

You should never hit the road without a bicycle tool bag stocked with the necessities for making repairs and performing everyday bicycle maintenance activities. Chain lubricant, chain replacement links, a multi-tool, tire levers, additional spokes, a spoke wrench, a spare tire or tube, and so on should all be included in your pack.

  • Bike phone mounts 

A bike phone mount is a popular bike gadget that allows riders to securely navigate, take calls, and monitor their riding stats. It’s convenient to have a phone on hand during long bike commutes or bike-packing adventures. It may be a useful tool for bike touring, and every bike should have a correct mount. It not only allows you to accept calls comfortably and hands-free, but it also provides a safe location to put your phone.


The above-mentioned gadgets are essential when you are bike touring. They can not only provide you with safety but also make travel easier.


How to choose the right waterproof pannier for bike touring?

The best waterproof pannier for a bike tour will be determined by your specific needs. You can check out various providers and choose the right one by comparing prices and checking their features.

How to choose the best front rack for bike touring?

There are other varieties of front racks available, but the low-rider form is the most common for bicycle travel. You may compare costs from several suppliers and select the one that best suits your preferences and needs.