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5 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Rental Home

5 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Rental Home

Anyone who has moved before knows how stressful it can be. However, there is a silver lining: if you’re moving out of one place, it means you’re probably moving into something new. It could be an apartment or home better suited to your tastes, which is heartening and uplifting. Instead of feeling sentimental, this should be your mindset for the following weeks after receiving the 30-day notice to tenant to move out in order to keep yourself sane. Your new location represents the light at the end of the tunnel.

Start With Organization

Keeping organized allows you to meet all of your goals and deadlines. Create a detailed packing and moving schedule to stay organized and on track. Spreadsheets are an excellent way to keep track of your moving tasks. Spreadsheets can be easily updated and shared from your phone. This makes communicating with other household members simple and ensures that everything gets done.

Move Your Utilities

Before you move in, make sure to transfer all of your utilities to your new address. Take down the final meter readings before you leave your old house. You should keep a record of the final reading to compare it to your previous bill.  In our unpredictable world, renter’s insurance is a must; avoid coverage gaps by notifying your insurance company prior to your move. If you’re relocating to a different climate, you should review your coverage for new environmental factors such as flooding or hurricanes.

Change Your Address

Address changes should be dealt with as soon as possible. Begin by redirecting your mail to your new address. After forwarding your mail, you should update your address on all of your other accounts. Remember to update all of your bank statements, monthly membership subscriptions, online shopping accounts, and other important documents. A year can fly by, so change your address before you leave to avoid missing even one letter.

Repair and Clean The Property

Your rental should be exactly as it was when you first moved in. Repaint the walls, patch any holes, and thoroughly clean everything. It’s in your best interest to clean up after yourself because landlords frequently charge exorbitant cleaning and repair fees. Some landlords make tenants clean carpets or make repairs. Consult your lease if you’re unsure about what tasks you must complete before moving out.

Organize Your Boxes and Take Everything

Get your boxes organized before the moving truck arrives. It’s much easier to plan out how you want the truck loaded before you start moving things. You can avoid costly disposal fees with a last-minute look around the house. Examine crawl spaces, closets, and attics, and bring all your cleaning supplies. Forgetting things may also cause hassle to you. Take time to double-check your things and ensure that everything is packed and you’re good to go.


Moving out can be a nightmare no matter where you live. It’s especially difficult when you live on the third floor of an apartment building and have no one to help you. But I think what’s worse is not getting your deposit back because you didn’t take the time to clean. That’s why the apartment should be spotless when you leave. Before you leave for the last time, take pictures of the clean, empty apartment. This will safeguard you against landlords and lawsuits. Moving out entails more than simply packing boxes. It’s the small tasks that are the most stressful. It’s critical to maintain your cool and stay organized. And the to-do list above is a great place to start.


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